Blue-Bot TacTile Reader. Product code: IT01118

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A unique and extremely fun way to program Blue-Bot, place your instructions on the tile reader, press go and see Blue-Bo More details
Blue-Bot TacTile Reader. Product code: IT01118
Blue-Bot TacTile Reader. Product code: IT01118 Blue-Bot TacTile Reader. Product code: IT01118

Product code: IT01118

The Blue-Bot TacTile Reader offers a special and alternative method to program your Blue-Bot. Simply arrange the tiles in a row to create a sequence of instructions, and then press “Go” to witness Blue-Bot executing the program precisely as intended.

The Blue-Bot Tactile Reader allows you to create exciting new activities for your Blue-Bot. Arrange the tiles to construct a program, then press “Go” to observe Blue-Bot following the instructions. The tiles can be adjusted as needed, and if you make a mistake, simply swap the tiles and press “Go” again. Connecting the TacTile Reader to Blue-Bot is easy. Just turn on Blue-Bot, press “Connect” on the Reader, and wait for the blue light to indicate a successful connection. For longer programs, you can connect up to three readers. The TacTile Reader is rechargeable and includes 25 TacTiles for your programming enjoyment.

Take your programming skills to the next level with the 3-pack TacTile Readers. Connect all three together to unleash the potential of programs with up to 30 steps. Explore the world of designing complex algorithms and uncover the thrilling destination that Blue-Bot will discover along the way!

  • Rechargable unit
  • Blue-bot TacTile Reader
  • 25 Blue-bot Tiles
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