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  • IPEVO Document Cameras

    Looking for budget-friendly, portable document cameras? IPEVO will be your best buy!

  • Programming for kids - Bee-bot Series

    Bee-bot programmable robots for education to teach kids basic and advanced techniques of programming and coding.

  • ELMO / HOVERCAM / HUE HD Document Cameras

    These high-end document cameras deliver top-notch performance with the easy of portability.

  • Teaching Clocks

    Teach your child to read and tell the time with these colorful and fun time teacher clocks and watches.

  • Interactive Whiteboards

    Easy to install, affordable and portable interactions. Turn your flat surfaces into interactive whiteboards.

  • Magic Whiteboards

    Create a whiteboard from a roll - anywhere, in seconds!

  • Gear for iPad and tablets

    Accessories (key trackers, charging tubs, iPhone stands etc) to improve your smart gadget experiences.

  • Internet Conference Station

    Internet conference speaker and microphone equipment, the most convenient way to conduct professional meetings.

  • Wireless Presentation Systems

    Stand a class apart! Use wireless interactive presentations from your PC, smartphone, and tablets.

  • Microscopes

    Capture images directly to your desktop with these affordable USB and wireless digital microscopes.

  • Gear for iPhone

    Find here the most innovative iPhone accessories. Articulating stands, rugged cases and more

  • Smartmarkers and Pens

    In search for tools to capture, edit sync and stream your notes in real-time? Get them here!

  • AAXA Projectors

    Pocket LED projectors have never been this efficient before. Budget friendly and portable, these work wonders.

  • Bundles

    There is no point waiting when the right bundle awaits you right here. Buy more and save more!

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  • The Ziggi HD USB Document Camera is a new purchase for us. We purchased two a few weeks ago. At $123 each, they were much cheaper than their competitors. The camera is very simple to set up and operate. It took me less than 5 minutes to unpack it, install the software and figure out how to use it. The camera is fairly simple to use."

    Ryan Rosenthal, grade 7 teacher & Technology Coordinator

  • "A taller stand would be better for displaying entire documents, but it's easy enough to lift the camera stand 6 inches or so with a few books. Few webcams have brilliant low light performance, and the Ipevo is no exception, but the multiple exposure adjustments go a long way to making this camera work adequately in a wide variety of lighting situations.Overall, this is a fantastic bargain for educators looking for a low cost alternative to expensive document cameras. Although this is really just a webcam, the shape, features and software make it an extraordinary webcam that is well suited for educational purposes. The Ipevo P2V is definitely well worth the money spent."

    K5 Computer  Lab Teacher.

  • "IPEVO's VZ-1 HD document camera has earned a permanent spot on my desk.  It is really well-built, addressing my primary concern with the company's better-known and more affordable Point 2 View camera.  What I love the best about the design of the VZ-1 HD is that the camera is mounted on a fully adjustable neck, making it easy to position for viewing objects at any distance and in any direction.  The VZ-1 HD also comes with a built-in light -- something missing from the Point 2 View model -- making it possible to project images in poorly lit spaces or darkened classrooms."

    Bill Ferriter, Teaching Quality Org