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  • Programming for Kids

    Bee-bot programmable robots for education to teach kids basic and advanced techniques of programming and coding.

  • IPEVO Document Cameras

    Looking for budget-friendly, portable document cameras? IPEVO will be your best buy!

  • Science Wireless Data Loggers

    These all-in-one wireless data loggers will make your classroom scientific experiments simple and in real-time.

  • Interactive Whiteboards

    Easy to install, affordable and portable interactions. Turn your flat surfaces into interactive whiteboards

  • ELMO / HOVERCAM / HUE HD Document Cameras

    These high-end document cameras deliver top-notch performance with the easy of portability.

  • Teaching Clocks

    Teach your child to read and tell the time with these colorful and fun time teacher clocks and watches.

  • Magic Whiteboards

    Create a whiteboard from a roll - anywhere, in seconds!

  • Telepresence Robot

    Give students the ability to go back to school thanks to the Double telepresence robot

  • Gear for iPad and tablets

    Accessories (key trackers, charging tubs, iPhone stands etc) to improve your smart gadget experiences.

  • Internet Conference Station

    Internet conference speaker and microphone equipment, the most convenient way to conduct professional meetings.

  • Wireless Presentation Systems

    Stand a class apart! Use wireless interactive presentations from your PC, smartphone, and tablets.

  • Microscopes

    Capture images directly to your desktop with these affordable USB and wireless digital microscopes.

  • Gear for iPhone

    Find here the most innovative iPhone accessories. Articulating stands, rugged cases and more

  • Smartmarkers and Pens

    In search for tools to capture, edit sync and stream your notes in real-time? Get them here!

  • AAXA Projectors

    Pocket LED projectors have never been this efficient before. Budget friendly and portable, these work wonders.

  • Bundles

    There is no point waiting when the right bundle awaits you right here. Buy more and save more!