TTS Wooden Pattern Bricks 10pk. EL11305

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A beautifully crafted collection of wooden blocks, each face showing a different pattern. More details

A beautifully crafted collection of wooden blocks, each face showing a different pattern.

This charming collection of patterned bricks is a great introduction into math. Children can observe different patterns, create sequences and look at simple mathematical principles whilst being used as a construction.

These bricks are also a wonderful enhancement to baby and toddler environments, to support schematic behaviours and curiosity. Young children will enjoy stacking these. A collection of patterned bricks that can support children in the early years. Children will enjoy stacking and building these bricks to create structures and buildings. Some children may want to create patterns and sequences using the different faces. Children can count bricks out and give representation to numerals. Younger children will enjoy exploring the bricks through any schematic behaviours as they stack. Made from Pine Wood .

A simple yet beautiful collection of wooden bricks that can enhance children's mathematical understanding through play. With different patterned faces, children are able to create sequences, working on simple math principles. Encouraging the children to use math within their play, children can build towers and count out bricks used. Perhaps using numeral to represent the amount. Some children may want to mark make their own patterns or take rubbings from the bricks. These are a wonderful addition to the construction and loose parts area whilst also supporting in baby and toddler environments. Younger children who have preferred schemas may enjoy stacking these bricks. These fit snuggly in little ones hands and have a textured surface for them to explore.

Patterned faces to support early mathematical principles
Perfect for stacking with babies and toddlers
Tactile addition to construction areas
Pack size:10
TTS Wooden Pattern Bricks 10pk
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