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Mayku FormBox

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Mold in minutes!  Free yourself to create with industrial grade vacuum forming on your desktop. More details

The Mayku FormBox puts the power of making in your hands. Powered by any vacuum cleaner, it works with a world of materials and helps you to make your ideas real. Whether you’re crafting by hand or partnering with your 3D printer, the FormBox is your very own desktop production line.

The FormBox packs industrial strength into a small space. Compact and easy to use, the FormBox makes mold-making fast, accessible and affordable.

The FormBox can pick up even the finest details of your design. Bring the power of the factory to your desktop today.

Inspire the Creators of the Future

The FormBox turns your classroom into a creative powerhouse. Giving students a hands-on STEAM learning experience. 

The Mayku project library

Explore our library of projects to learn how to get the most out of your FormBox and start your tabletop factory today.

Turbocharge Your Production

Whichever industry you’re in, the Mayku FormBox can help you speed up your product development. Bringing mold production in-house can save you time and money. Getting your next idea off the ground has never been easier.

With the FormBox, at-home makers can create simple forms from everyday items, like potatoes and plasticine. More serious hobbyists can make complex creations using other machines, including 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC machines.

Chefs & chocolatiers product sheet

Bring custom mold making into your kitchen and learn how to use the FormBox to make culinary treats in a variety of shapes

Accelerate Your Making

No more waiting. Speed up your process and see your products come alive. The Mayku FormBox is a simple, quick solution to developing your creations.

Small Package, Big Power

The FormBox has been crafted to fit perfectly into your workspace. Packing the power to create a factory finish in a matter of minutes.

Precision Control

There aren’t any mystery buttons or complicated settings. Simple means smart – and with the FormBox it’s never been easier to get the exact finish you want.

Time and temperature control give you the freedom to adjust the temperature for the material you’re using.

Simple by Design

We’ve meticulously designed the FormBox to fit with your life and your ambitions - so you can focus on bringing your next big idea to life.

A tray click and handle design, with cast aluminum hinges, in one single mechanism ensures using the FormBox is as easy as possible.

It’s all in the Details

The FormBox picks up texture finer than a grain of sand - so you get all those little details you need to stand out from the crowd.

Everything You Need to Get Started

Every FormBox comes with 40 free sheets, 1kg of casting material, three starter templates and a universal vacuum adaptor to ensure you get making straight away.



  • Prototype at Speed
  • Turbocharge a 3D printer
  • Small Footprint, Big Power
  • Choose from a world of materials
  • No
    The dimensions of the FormBox are:
  • Length - 467mm; Width - 273mm; Height - 314mm
  • The size of the FormBox bed is 200mm x 200mm.
  • The maximum width and length you are able to mold is 150mm x 150mm.
  • We recommend using it in 45-minute sessions, followed by a 20 minute cooling period with the temperature dial switch to OFF
  • Mayku FormBox, list of Things you would receive
    1. FormBox
    2. 20 sheets of Mayku cast
    3. 20 sheets of Mayku form
    4. Universal vacuum connector
    5. Power cord
    6. Your first making kit
    7. Suction tube
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