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Create 3 Educational Robot from iRobot

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The next generation of iRobot's affordable, trusted, all-in-one mobile robot development platform. For advanced makers l More details

Your Canvas to Create without Restraint

Arriving equipped with our smartest technology yet, the Create 3 educational robot offers a full suite of modules, sensors, LED lights, wheels, and behaviors to fuel robotics exploration.

A Buildable, Mobile Robotics Platform
Tackle robotics projects with an affordable, trusted mobile robot development platform that features a buildable design to mount additional hardware.

Begin by Programming Basic Behaviors
Grasp the fundamentals of robotics, computer science, and engineering by programming the Create® 3 to perform simple behaviors, sounds, and movements.

Evolve to Advanced Robotics Applications
Tap into advanced applications including multi-robot exploration, navigation and mapping technology, and telepresence capabilities. 

NOTE: Additional hardware not included.


Create 3 provides a full suite of modules, sensors, LED lights, and wheels to fuel robotics exploration.
Equipped with smart technology.
Multi-language software support.
Communicate with the robot using Wi-Fi, Ethernet over USB Host, or Bluetooth® Low Energy technology.
The robot comes with a Home Base® charging station for docked charging.
Educator resources, online open source databases for access to software packages and libraries with ROS 2 or Python 3 available.
ROS 2 Wi-Fi: Ethernet over USB Host
iRobot Education SDK for Python 3: Bluetooth Low Energy
iRobot Coding App: Bluetooth Low Energy

1x Power button
2x User buttons
2x Front bumper zones
2x Wheel encoders
4x IR cliff sensors
6x IR obstacle sensors
1x Downward optical flow sensor for odometry
1x 3D gyroscope
1x 3D accelerometer
1x Battery level monitor

2x Drive motors
6x RGB LED ring
1x Speaker

1x Docking port
1x USB-C™ port, 3A at regulated 5V
1x Payload power, 2A at unregulated (nominal 14.4V)
1x Create 3 Educational Robot
1x 26 Wh Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
1x Home Base Charging Station
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