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Cardboard to Code Robot "DIMM" Best kits to start teaching coding. Includes your very own BBC Micro:bit

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Unleash your child’s confidence and learn to code with this new age robot!
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Which child does not want to have an amazing robot? This Dimm robot is a fun to play with and even helps the children learn the code as they play with it. This robot kit includes-
  • Dimm, the robot
  • Fun sensors(light, temperature, sound, motion as well as the LED display) and stickers
  • Brand new BBC micro bit computer

    What more, it allows you to become an inventor and build your own robot. The code is such a fun to learn and understand and is quite easy with the kids. It comes with a lot of activities included in it as well.
    Your child can assemble and personalize the cardboard robots and can also make use of the stickers which come with this kit. They can use BBC micro bit to take on a variety of missions and plug in the BBC micro bit.
    The fun sensors that come with this kit allow these robots to interact with the world. This range apart from being a cognitive stimulant is also a kinesthetic approach. The robots do not move. While Dimm is a good start, the UFO is considered a second level which has complicated code and is a little complex to assemble. There are many advantages of learning the code such as –
  • In the digital medium, the code is one the most widely used language
  • The world has been reshaped with connected devices
  • When young, kids learn in a better and faster manner
  • Can set up a successful career in future
  • Explore the child’s creativity
  • Instill confidence in the child
  • Featured

    This kit includes one of the latest innovations for kids to hit the UK, a brand new BBC micro:bit pocket-sized computer.
  • Designed by the BBC to help schools teach coding; the skill of the digital generation.
  • Simply connect it to a PC or Mac using the mini USB cable supplied.
  • It works with tablets and smartphones using Bluetooth.
  • No complicated software needed - just write code on a web page using Block Editor.
  • Simply connect the sensors included in the kit and your robot comes alive.
  • It can detect motion and tell you which direction you're heading in.
  • Create anything from a motion detecting security robot to a temperature or light sensing science experiment - the possibilities are endless!
  • Technical Specifications

  • Suitable for 8 years+
  • Contents

  • Flat pack Cardboard Dimm
  • BBC Micro:bit mini computer
  • Sticker Sheets, medal stickers
  • Instruction Book
  • Cardboard Standup Binary
  • Speaker with attaching Croc Clip Wires
  • Temperature Sensor with attaching Croc Clip Wires
  • Motion Sensor with attaching Croc Clip Wires
  • Light Sensor with attaching Croc Clip Wires
  • Spare Croc Clip to Croc Clip Wires
  • Reviews

    These robots are here to teach your kids how to code "Botley the Coding Robot is the brainchild of Learning Resources, whose aim is to deliver fun and experiential learning experiences for children".

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