This article is about 6 coding tools you should use for homeschooling. Parents add coding to their homeschooling curriculum for their incredible benefits. 

If you want to set your children up for academic success, teach them to code.  Coding is the language of the future! 

Coding teaches children:

  • Problem- solving
  • Perseverance
  • Creativity
  • Risk-taking
  • Math processes
  • Self-confidence
  • Critical thinking
  • Storytelling 
  • Teamwork
  • Learn while having fun

6 coding tools you should use for homeschooling:

     1. KUBO

KUBO is a simple, intuitive solution that makes it easy for parents and teachers to introduce computer science and coding to students as young as four. Kubo has video tutorials you can watch to teach your kids at home.

You can be up and running within minutes of receiving your KUBO set. Depending on your experience with coding, it takes a newcomer no more than 40 minutes to unpack, set up, and go through the tutorials. You can buy it here.

     2. Coding books

While it may seem as though coding is something you do entirely on a computer, there is a place for books as well. They are easy to have open next to your computer for easy reference.

     3. Kibo

KIBO is the screen-free robot kit for kids, that lets kids create, design, and bring their robot to life. KIBO gives your kids the chance to make their ideas physical and tangible. A good option if you don't want apps, tablets, or smartphones involve and it's perfect for homeschooling. Click here to buy.

     4. OhBot

OhBot is a robot that comes with Scratch, a graphical programming language that allows anyone to program the robot, no matter how new they are to programming. This robot can be programmed even the children don't have them at home. Buy it here.

     5. Bee-bot programmable floor robot

Bee-bot is the ideal support for helping your children learn computing and programming early. It's the must-have programming resource. This colorful, easy-to-operate and friendly little robot is a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, estimation, problem-solving, and just having fun! Click here to check this product out.


Children can code Root to draw artwork, scan color, play music, respond to touch and sound; all while exploring the fundamentals of robotics. Your kids will use their imagination to the limit.

Does your family use another resource to learn to code? Comment below.