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Ipevo WS-01 Wireless Station for iPad & USB Document Cameras Model Number: 5-855-2-08-00

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Quick Overview

Turns your IPEVO P2V or ZIGGI into an iPad Document Cam!
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Model Number: 5-855-2-08-00
The WS-01 Wireless Station for USB Document Cam lets your IPEVO document cam — the Point 2 View or Ziggi — communicate wirelessly with iPad so you can do even more in the classroom or office.
The WS-01 allows you to use your IPEVO document camera with iPad through the convenience of wireless streaming via an existing Wi-Fi network. Real-time high-resolution images of documents and more are right at your fingertips for teaching, presenting and collaborating
With the free IPEVO Whiteboard app, your iPad becomes a portable smartboard to open up even more educational horizons. Streamed images can be drawn upon/annotated to easily emphasize key text or areas of interest — all with touchscreen gestures and simple, intuitive tools. The combination of WS-01 and Whiteboard enhances teaching and presenting across a wide variety of contexts and subjects.
Connect directly to your projector with a wired VGA adapter to project real-time video and annotations from Whiteboard. WS-01 and Whiteboard, paired with iPad, deliver a complete teaching and presenting solution for cutting-edge educators looking to maximize their ed tech. With the help of Apple TV Airplay, the image feed and Whiteboard changes can be projected onto the big screen for the entire classroom or conference room — all without a wired connection. You'll be free to roam with iPad and interact with your students, audience, or peers.
In addition to iPad, WS-01 also streams IPEVO document camera live image to Mac and PC. Simply connect your Mac or PC to WS-01 via Wi-Fi and utilize the "Live-view" mode within your browser. Cable length no longer limits your setup. Document camera can be placed anywhere within the Wi-Fi range, or even moved around for more possibilities!
The unit can even connect your device to the internet. The WS-01 also functions as a wireless USB drive and an SD card reader thanks to a dedicated SD card slot. Save and manage files wirelessly with a straightforward browser-based interface.
The WS-01 Wireless Station for USB Document Cam helps you harness the power of iPad for teaching and learning, and it empowers you to do even more in your classroom. Bring your material to life and interact like never before — all wirelessly via your Wi-Fi network.
Note: This product is intended to work with the IPEVO VZ-1, Ziggi and/or Point 2 View USB Document Cameras, which are sold separately.

Ipevo WS-01 Wireless Station for iPad & USB Document Cameras 


  • Stream live images from VZ-1, Ziggi or P2V to your iPad
  • Wi-Fi convenience — your IPEVO doc cam is now wireless
  • With the free IPEVO Whiteboard app, your iPad becomes a portable smartboard for teaching
  • Use Apple TV Airplay to project live action onto the big screen
  • Versatile data storage; use as an SD card reader and USB disk drive
    Also works on Mac & PC — robust IPEVO Presenter software with a image capture toolkit
  • How does WS-01 work? Set-up in 6 simple steps:
    1. Turn on the power of WS-01
    Press the power button and hold for 2 seconds. The Wi-Fi indicator will flash from red to blue. 2. Connect Ipevo Document cam to WS-01
    Connect your VZ-1 or Ziggi or Point 2 View Document Camera to the USB port on WS-01.
    3. Connect your iPad's WiFi to WS-01
    Hit “Settings” on your iPad and enter “Wi-Fi Settings.” Browse the available connections and connect to WS-01's SSID (SSID can be found on the label located on the bottom of the device).
    4. Launch Ipevo Whiteboard and select WS-01
    Tap the Wireless Station icon and select WS-01 under available wireless stations. The menu bar next to Wireless Station should then expand once WS-01 is selected.
    5. Place material under document camera
    After WS-01 is selected, your doc cam is now ready to use. Place the material you wish to shoot under document cam.
    6. Stream wirelessly from document Cam to iPad
    Live stream directly to your iPad. Streamed images can be drawn upon/annotated to easily emphasize key text or areas of interest with IPEVO Whiteboard app.
  • Technical Specifications

  • Standard Compliance: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Security: WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA+WPA2
  • Ports: USB 2.0 x1, RJ-45 x1, SD card slot x1
  • Inputs: DC 5V 2A
  • LxWxH:4.33"x 2.76"x 0.63" (110x70x16 mm)
  • Weight: 0.3lb/ 140g
  • Contents

  • IPEVO WS-01 Wireless Station and attached USB cord
  • 1.5m USB extension cable and AC power adapter
  • User Manual
  • Reviews

    How Teacher Sue uses WS-01 Wireless Station "I love that I can remotely project for my students and the ease of operation"


    User Manual


    Q: Live stream on IE, Chrome, or other browser freezes after a certain period of time.
    A: Our latest Presenter has included Wi-Fi streaming support for our wireless products. Please download and install Presenter from our support page, and launch Presenter after your computer is paired to WS-01 via Wi-Fi. If you do not see the live image please go to settings (wrench icon) and check "wireless device" then select WS-01 from the drop down menu.
    Presenter download:
    Q: My USB 3.0 HDD does not work on WS-01.
    A: WS-01 does not support USB 3.0 devices.
    If you are experiencing an USB port failure after connecting a USB 3.0 device, please unplug the device and restart WS-01 to restore the USB port availability.
    Q: I cannot turn off my WS-01.
    A: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to force shutdown of WS-01.
    Q: I am unable to connect WS-01 to my existing network.
    A: Please make sure you entered the network password correctly. WS-01 will not prompt any error message if the password does not match, instead, it will simply not connect.
    Q: The image from my document camera and WS-01 does not show up on IPEVO Whiteboard.
    A: Make sure your doc cam is connected to the USB port of WS-01.
    · Make sure your iPad is connected to WS-01 via Wi-Fi.
    · Shut down the device and restart.
    · Remove the doc cam and then reconnect its USB cable.
    · Close and re-launch the IPEVO Whiteboard App.
    Q: Can I charge WS-01 via a computer's USB port?
    A: Yes, but charging via a computer's USB port is slower than charging via AC adapter. WS-01's Wi-Fi will be disabled when plugged into a USB port and will turn into an SD card reader.

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