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Sparki, A Complete robot

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The only robot your child needs to learn robotics and coding!! Ready to go - everything included!! More details
The complete platform to learn robotics, programming, and electronics. Ready to go - everything included No assembly or setup necessary, it's ready to go out of the box. ALL the accessories come FREE!
Learn Programming, Block-Based or C++
The skill of the future, a skill for life. Programming teaches how to control technology, not be controlled by it. Start learning with simple block-based programming, then graduate to ‘real’ programming with C/C++
Problem Solving
Few things can teach how to solve problems like programming your own robot how to solve its own problems. Learn to sense, think, plan, respond and execute with logical flow.
Arduino + Electronics
Don’t just learn to interact with a computer, learn to interact with the world. Motors, sensors, speakers, LEDs, switches, displays; you’ll learn it all with robotics. Our robots are based on Arduino, a simple yet powerful electronics platform used by real engineers to create almost anything, Learn Arduino, and there’s no limit to what you can create.
100+ Free lessons
All our educator-written lessons are free, available to view before you buy and licensed in an educator-focused and remix-friendly Creative Commons license. Copy, print and email everything. No subscriptions to sign up for, extra books to buy, accounts to sign up for, or apps to pay for.
Excellent support
We believe excellent support is critical. Our support chats and emails are answered by California-based experienced teachers and product design engineers - including the founders. Our programs are free and easy to install - and we work with IT staff!
Open source
We believe owning a product means you can do whatever you want with it. You get the schematics, 3D model files, source code, and more, yours to keep and use however you want! No licensing agreements needed.

Sparki in Middle School
Drag and Drop Blocks
We make programming simple to learn with our block-based programming software. Drag and drop colorful blocks to create simple programs that have Sparki beeping and moving in no time. 'Real' code generates side-by-side, so you can easily make the transition.

Sparki in High School
C/C++ Code
Learn to code with a "real" programming language. Sparki makes it easy with tons of samples code and lessons, using fun activities like drawing, music-making, maze-finding and simulated household chores.

Sparki in University and up
Arduino and More
Sparki has a suite of advanced sensors, precision motors, and uses Arduino, widely accepted in industry as THE prototyping platform. 16 expansion ports make sure that what few things Sparki doesn't do already, you can easily add.
  • Sparki robot
  • USB cable
  • IR Remote
  • Bluetooth Module
  • Pen
  • Line following Poster
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