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Siggy Battery Pack and Bundle JEN STEM Doll from Smartgurlz

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JEN doll - A STEM toy, Teaching Girls the art of Coding!
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Would you like to meet Jen, teen mechanic and quite a cool handy, who has the skills to repair pretty much everything in a flash? Jen dreams of inventing the next new thing and is a student of the field of mechanical engineering and.
Smartgurlz is a brand new line of and friendly balancing Scooters Fashion Dolls that are for the girls 5 and up in Technology, Science, Maths and Engineering.
Using the smartphone or tablet, just connect to the Siggy Scooter. It ensures that you have plenty of fun and a great play!
Siggy drives take the girls right into the heart of the action.
Siggy is not just a toy, it is a vehicle that takes you into the world of technology, fun, learning and sharing along with our SmartGurlz characters.
You will never have to buy new batteries for your Siggy Robot again when you use this Siggy Power rechargeable power pack! You are ready to go by just plugging the USB cable charge!
Siggy requires a tablet or a modern smartphone to connect and play
SugarCoded app: Freeplay, Books, Tutorials, Missions and programming and more- tablets: iPad Gen 3 (2012) with BlueTooth 4TM or Android OS 4.4 with BlueTooth 4TM and our App SugarCoded
SugarCoded Drive: For Freeplay only, Smartphones: iPhone 4S or newer or an Android OS 4.4 or newer and Bluetooth TM 4 and our App; SugarCoded Drive.
(Apps are free for download at the App Store and Google Play).

Introducing SmartGurlz Siggy Robot


  • Jen, a cool handy, teen mechanic
  • Loves riding her bike
  • Blogger
  • Hobbes: Repairs cars after School
  • Style: Practical Chic
  • Favorite food: Hot dogs
    SIGGY ROBOT Features:
  • Authentic Self-balancing Movement
  • Coding : Learn to code via our SugarCoded app, e-learning and gaming platform
  • Autonomous Behavior: Siggy has a mind of its own and it drives the room alone
  • Use with any 11 inch fashion doll
  • Siggy Power™ is a USB compatible rechargeable 9v Li-po battery
  • Technical Specifications



  • JEN doll
  • Siggy
  • 9V Power pack
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    Smart dolls with style seek to make coding more fun for girls "SmartGurlz is a line of scooter-riding dolls you program with a mobile app. The use of fashion and storylines is part of a plan to get more girls into STEM!"

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