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Scratch LED Rainbow Matrix. Product Code: EL00531

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Ideal to establish connections between the digital and physical world, The TTS Rainbow Matrix has 64 individual RGBs whi More details
Product Code: EL00531
The TTS designed Scratch Rainbow Matrix has been created with the real world in mind. The Matrix has 64 individual RGBs which can all be turned on to display any colour and at any brightness. Simply plug in the unit, download our helpful software and get programming! This is perfect for linking to the real world, for example, learning all about how pixels work and how they result in us being able to see stunning sharp images on TV and computer screens. The Scratch Rainbow Matrix is easy to use and provides a different way of controlling an output using Scratch. The TTS Scratch Controller can work hand in hand with the TTS Scratch Rainbow Matrix allowing children to really push the boundaries on their Scratch programming skills. For example, children can design a “Snake” game which is controlled with the TTS Scratch Controller and played on the Scratch Rainbow Matrix!
  • 64 RGB LEDs
  • Each LED can be lit any colour and any brightness
  • Easy to use
  • Additional Scratch programming blocks provided by TTS
  • No
  • Scratch LED Rainbow Matrix
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