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SAM LABS Alpha Kit (708-IT10169)

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SAM Labs Alpha Kit is a versatile, fun and intuitive introductory kit for kids to use logical reasoning to design programs and algorithms, control and simulate physical systems.
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An introductory STEAM lesson kit comprised of a variety of teaching materials, a flow-based coding app and a number of wireless electronic blocks and accessories. Use the SAM Blocks and the SAM Space app to build classroom projects with your students and complete lesson plans.

A Complete Interactive Lesson Kit For Teachers

The lesson plans are available with the kit. This detailed guide book will help you to understand all the use cases for the Alpha kit and how you can help make your students behave much better while learning the most out of the class. Ideally, this kit should be used for children aged between 6-14 years old. While the tablet is not included, but 2-3 students can easily be accommodated using one alpha kit for best student experience.


For Students

These experiments nurtures your cognitive abilities, you invest in becoming more aware and smart. These lessons are like nutrition for your brain, it keeps you active, healthy and feeds you with positive brain energy.



  • A versatile, fun and intuitive introductory kit
  • Compatible with LEGO and other readily-available classroom materials
  • Can be used with all of SAM Labs curriculum aligned lesson plans
  • Easy to integrate in the classroom with easy wireless setup

    More about the Alpha Kit and Learning Process

    Instant Pairing
    SAM Blocks instantly appears at just a push of a button in the SAM Space app, for instant pairing

    Make Connections
    As you visually connect your SAM Blocks in the SAM Space app, the physical blocks get connected automatically.

    Alter Actions
    Applying behaviors in the SAM Space app is easy. Just alter the actions of the SAM blocks.

    Your Home Learning Experience - SAM Labs
    The students can even use SAM Space outside of class. By assigning them homework that makes use of the virtual SAM Blocks in the app.

    The Alpha Kit is 100% compatible with all the other readily-available classroom materials. It is also aligned with the lesson plans, PowerPoint (ppt) and student workbooks.

  • Technical Specifications

  • Tablet device not included.
  • Contents

  • 2 x DC motor
  • 1 x Light sensor
  • 1 x RGB Light
  • 2 x Wheel
  • 1 x SAM Controller
  • 1 x SAM Car Chassis
  • 1 x Roller Ball
  • 1 x LEGO Gear Attachment
  • 2 x Small LEGO Holder
  • 2 x Large LEGO Holder
  • 1 x Multi Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Getting Started Guide (not shown)
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