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Root Coding Robot

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A little robot with a lot of possibilities. Root helps you learn, play, and explore using your imagination.
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Root is a fun and easy-to-use educational robot that teaches coding, creativity and problem-solving skills to kids from pre-readers through high school. Problem solving is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Compatible only with iPad and iPhone running iOS 10 or later.
Explore your artistic side
Code Root to draw whatever you can imagine from words and letters to amazing fractal creations. Searching for inspiration? Start with some pre-made code for Explore and make incremental changes to see your artwork grow into something uniquely your own!
Compose music
Transform Root into a musical instrument by coding compositions and robot melodies. Looking for more? Use the scan and play abilities to create a color guitar that plays different notes for each color it sees.
Create Games
Build games using your imagination. Race a friend by coding a Root racer. Turn your tablet or phone into a controller and use Root’s color sensors to get boosts or slow down.
Blast off with your imagination
Use the magnetic attachment points on top of Root to attach your own 3D printed creations. Code Root's marker holder to make your creations come to life!
Root is the only coding companion that grows with your child. Problem solving challenges slowly build in complexity as you progress through levels 1, 2, and 3.



Technical Specifications

  • Ideal for Ages 4+
  • Contents

    Root Coding Robot Includes:
  • 1 Root Robot (remote control via iPad & iPhone)
  • 1 Foldout whiteboard
  • 4 Vinyl cling sheets
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 2 Dry erase markers
  • 1 Dry erase cloth
  • Root Coding app download (available on App Store)
  • Reviews

    iRobot acquires Root Robotics to boost STEM offerings "The cool thing about Root is that is has three levels of coding. You can have young kids doing block-based coding. Then you move a slider, and you can code in Square. Then you move the slider again, and you’re coding in Python,” said Angle. “You can actually learn enough Python coding to get a job using this robot. It’s a very rich robot to control and drives you to create sophisticated programs that involve sensors and motion and decision trees. It’s not a lightweight robot.”

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