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Robo Wunderkind Education Kit

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All the essential components to start your journey into the world of technology! The kit for the especially curious robot builders.
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All the essential components to start your journey into the world of technology!
"Robo Wunderkind" are construction kits developed by the Viennese startup Robo Technologies GmbH (internal LINK). The kits consist of cubes with various functions, such as sensors, motors, light etc.
The children experiment with these cubes and program, for example, a flashlight, which drives away a burglar. The programs write themselves on tablets with the Robo Wunderkind programming interface.
Simply snap your blocks together to build and rebuild your robots as many times as you want
Program and play with your robots with Robo Wunderkind Apps!The Robo Code app opens the world of programming for kids. With its child-friendly design and intuitive coding process, this app guides children in learning 21st-century skills in a fun and easy way. Together with Robo Wunderkind robotics kits, it makes coding and robotics child’s play.
The Robo Live App allows you to set up a remote control interface to control your robot in real time. Play with your robotic friends by using drag and drop functions on the app’s dashboard, and control your robots’ actions, such as driving, turning, making sounds, blinking, and other.
Solve mazes, program your robot to guard your room or surprise your parents with a weather forecast. Playing with our robot is so much fun, that you won’t even notice how you are becoming a programming expert. Your robot will be as smart as you make it, so don’t wait, get started!


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Getting started with Robo Wunderkind

Robo Wunderkind A modular robot anyone can build


Advanced kit has the following features:
Emotional robot
Kids can program their robot to show emotions. These will be displayed on the LED screen, in the form of smiley faces. Also, when specific events occur, the robot can show either a happy face, a sad one, be angry, or even wink.
Light driven robot
The light sensor enables the robot to detect light and perform specific actions when a certain amount of light is detected. For example, the robot can be programmed to move forward once light is shined at its sensor.
Meteo station
With the temperature sensor module, kids can have their own personal meteo station, which tells them the humidity, temperature and air pressure everywhere they go.

Technical Specifications



Consists of Starter Kit modules + additional upgrade modules.
14 Blocks:
  • Main Block
  • Distance Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Meteo Sensor
  • LED display
  • 2x DC Motors
  • Servo Motor
  • 2x Buttons
  • 2x Connector Blocks
  • 2x RGB Lights Other parts:
  • 3x Wheels
  • 13x Connectors
  • 2x Wired Connectors
  • 8x Lego™ adapters
  • Charging cable
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