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Reticare Eye protector for TABLETS

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Protect yourself with the only scientifically proven method against toxic light emitted from your screens. Choose the be More details
Reticare Eye protector for TABLETS
Reticare Eye protector for TABLETS Reticare Eye protector for TABLETS Reticare Eye protector for TABLETS
Reticare eye protector for TABLETS
Ocular fotoprotector for screens of electronic devices that absorbs short-wavelength light (Blue light), protects your retina and reduces eyestrain from day one. It is 100% tactile, with durable fixation and is easily placed and protects screen from scratches.

Practice healthier habits of electronic usage and don’t risk your eyes. Reticare reduces eye strain, dry/itchy eyes, headaches, sleep disorders while focusing on its most important eye health benefit of preventing *retina cell damage.

Retina cell damage is irreversible and can lead to central blindness (Macular Degeneration).

Compatible for Apple iPad Air/ Apple iPad Pro 7"/ Apple iPad Pro 10.5"/ Apple iPad Pro 11"/ Samsung Galaxy Tab 4(10.1")

  • The use of blocking components of the short-wave length of the light emitted by LED sources:
  • Protects the retina adequately, the cornea and the crystalline lens from the harmfull effects of the short-wave length of the light
  • Reduces visual fatigue and sleep disorder produced by LED sources
  • Improves comfort and visual function

  • Decreases the risk of Central Blindness
  • Improves Dream patterns: You can sleep better
  • Provides greate visual comfort
  • Reduces skin aging
  • 100% tactile
  • Covers only LIT PORTION
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  • Reticare eye protector for TABLETS. The pack includes: 1 Reticare ocular fotoprotector, a wet wipe, a cleaning cloth, a spatula and a quick installation guide.
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