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ProScope Mobile Lab Education Kit

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The Most Complete Educational Kit including the Proscope Mobile. More details
ProScope Mobile Lab Education Kit
ProScope Mobile Lab Education Kit ProScope Mobile Lab Education Kit ProScope Mobile Lab Education Kit ProScope Mobile Lab Education Kit ProScope Mobile Lab Education Kit ProScope Mobile Lab Education Kit ProScope Mobile Lab Education Kit ProScope Mobile Lab Education Kit
The Lab Education Kit is the only Kit that includes the 400x lens, our highest magnification lens available. The Lab Education Kit is similar to the Perfect Education Kit with all the accessories chosen to be the most complete and versatile for all grade levels but the addition of the 400x makes this Kit more appropriate for advanced study in upper grades and at college level.
  • Save time with easy set-up, instant focus by touch, and no sample preparation
  • Education research shows use of hand-held camera microscope kits increase student time on task, and student retention on standardized tests
  • Excite students by instantly displaying a new micro-world to the whole group
  • This one tool is multipurpose and cross-curricular for use as a microscope, presentation camera and document camera
  • Images and movies can be used by students in their own reports and presentations to the class and can be used by the teacher for lesson review and in tests or quizzes
  • Integrates with all digital whiteboards
  • No
  • The ProScope Mobile is a wireless handheld digital microscope designed for use with your iPad, iPhone & iPod touch. With a high-quality CMOS sensor and universal lens mount, making it a powerful addition to any classroom, law enforcement agency, medical and manufacturing quality assurance.
  • The ProScope Mobile allows users to establish a secure static IP WiFi network of up to 254 Apple IOS devices. You can simultaneously view live images and capture stills on all 254 IOS devices. Choose a kit or build your own, the ProScope Mobile has many options and uses the same lenses as all previous versions of our ProScope.
  • ProScope Mobile is the first Wi-Fi digital camera microscope available. The ProScope Mobile displays live images wirelessly to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch AND NOW WORKS ON WINDOWS PC'S. It creates its own Wi-Fi network, allowing multiple devices within range to connect to it and display the live image on many screens simultaneously using the free app and Windows software. Display any magnified sample to the whole class on multiple screens at the same time from one camera.
  • Images can be captured simultaneously to all devices using the capture button on the camera handset; the images are saved right on the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch and Windows PC for viewing or downloading. The ProScope Mobile is battery powered and uses the same lenses (1x up to 400x) and accessories as the ProScope HR2 and the Scope On A Rope L2.
  • NOTE: The ProScope Mobile only works on Apple iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This device DOES NOT WORK with Mac or PC computers.
  • Lenses included: 1-10x, 50x, 100x, 200x, 400x , microscope adaptor, all internally lit LED (except 1-10x, microscope adaptor
  • ProScope Mobile w/1-10x, 50x, 100x, 200x, 400x lenses
  • Gooseneck Stand
  • Lighting System w/Light Blocker
  • Large Hard Carrying Case
  • 10 Pc Collection & Display Set
  • XYZ Stage
  • Education CD with Teacher Resources
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