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PM-WiFi50x. ProScope Mobile with 50X lenses

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Everything for science education, medical, Manufacturing, law enforcement CSI and quality control inspections.
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PM-WiFi50x. Proscope Mobile camera with 50x lens, includes AirMicro app
The ProScope comes with a 50x lens as standard and 1-10x, 100x and 200x can be added as well as an industry standard 16mm c-mount adapter, which enables existing microscope, telescope or camera lenses with the same mount to be used on the ProScope. This means that the range of magnification is equal to any conventional microscope - excluding electron microscopes - and the ProScope can be double as a still camera, capturing 640 X 480 images, or as a video-camera, producing 320 X 200 images, with a time-lapse setting also incorporated.
The usability of the ProScope is enhanced by the lack of batteries or power supply as everything is drawn through the USB connection to the computer. It's versatility not only makes it an ideal tool in medicine and educational aid - no more wait
The ProScope Mobile is the first wireless handheld digital microscope designed for use with your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The ProScope Mobile allows users to establish a secure static IP WiFi network of up to 254 Apple IOS devices. You can simultaneously view live images and capture stills on all 254 IOS devices. Choose a kit or build your own, the ProScope Mobile has many options and uses the same lenses as all previous versions of our ProScope. Perfect for Law Enforcement, Science Education, Medical and Manufacturing Quality Assurance.
Images can be captured simultaneously to all devices using the capture button on the camera handset; the images are saved right on the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch and Windows PC for viewing or downloading. The ProScope Mobile is battery powered and uses the same lenses (1x up to 400x) and accessories as the ProScope HR2 and the Scope On A Rope L2.
System Requirements:
The ProScope Mobile only works on Apple iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This device DOES NOT WORK with Mac or PC computers.


Education Application:
  • Completely wireless, battery powered, and completely portable for viewing anywhere in the world
  • View the live image on up to 253 iPad/iPhone/iPod touch or Windows PC's at the same time
  • Capture pictures directly to every device viewing the image at the same time, or allows each mobile device or
  • Windows PC to capture images individually
  • Easily and instantly share captured images through text/email messaging, or download to a computer
  • Touch & View” lenses allow you to magnify images by touching them with the microscope lens tip. Focuses instantly.
  • No knobs to turn or squinting through an eyepiece.
  • Technical Specifications

    Hardware Specs:
  • Available Lenses: 1-10x, 30x polarizing, 50x, 100x, 200x, 400x, microscope adaptor, all internally lit LED (except 1-10x, microscope adaptor)
  • Image sensor: 1/4” CMOS
  • Resolution: 640x480, 320x240
  • Output: Wi-Fi IEEE802.11b, 2.4 GHz bandwidth
  • Operation Range: about 10m
  • Power source: 3 AA batteries (Alkaline, Ni-MH)
  • Power consumption: about 2.5W
  • Continuous Operation Time: Alkaline – about 2 hrs, Ni-MH – about 3 hrs (depending on environment)
  • White Balance: Automatic with manual control
  • Color Adjustments: Factory Preset
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 40 degrees Celsius
  • Weight: 130g (main unit with lens, without battery)
  • Warranty: one year
    System Requirements:
  • iPhone: 3G, 3GS, 4 or newer with AirMicro app installed
  • iPad with AirMicroPad app installed
  • iPod touch with AirMicro app installed
  • NEW: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or newer with WiFi capability
    Windows software features:
  • Freeze frame and still image capture (jpeg)
  • Full screen capability
  • Image comparison to view any two captured images side by side
    Manually select folder save location to help organize images
  • Contents

    Proscope Mobile camera with 50x lens, includes AirMicro applictation



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