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Marty, the Programmable Robot Edu Pack - Assembled

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Bring STEM to life with Marty the Robot. Marty is an engaging tool for bringing Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to life. Let's not forget arts and creativity too!
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This Marty Education Pack contains 1 pre-built Marty the Robot, plus everything you need to integrate Marty into your club or classroom
Marty is a real robot for the price of a smart toy. Marty makes learning about programming and engineering a fun and engaging process. Acting as a gateway into computer science and design technology, Marty empowers students through inventive learning, engaging the child’s creativity and promoting their STEM skills.
Your students can get started programming Marty using the block-based language Scratch, and more advanced students can use Python, Javascript or even C++.
We have loads of free lesson plans for Marty suitable for ages from 7-14, as well as fun activities that can be used even with older students
Marty the Robot is for anyone, young or old that wants to learn how to code, and for teachers and educators that want to help them.
We offer Martys as kits and pre-assembled, so you have the flexibility to decide whether the build experience fits in to your teaching, or if instead you just want the robots to come assembled.

Marty for Schools & Colleges
Marty the Robot perfect for first introducing programming at KS2 level, right the way up to University. Marty is a flexible learning tool that grows with your students.
Adding Marty into your classroom is super easy — just have a look through our lesson plans that will get you up and running in no time!
Our resources have been curated with teachers in mind, creating an engaging environment where students can adopt a hands-on approach to learning about important concepts in robotics and programming.

Marty for Code Clubs
Marty is Maker friendly — you can download and 3D print all of Marty's parts, add sensors, a Raspberry Pi and even a camera to extend Marty's capabilities.
All the same activities and lesson guides for Schools are available to everyone that buys a Marty, and for a more individual learning or free-form environment we've got fun activities for Marty too.

How does Marty the Robot work in a class or code club?
Marty is programmed over WiFi, so you can have as many robots as you like connected and running in your class or club.
The education packs come with a command hub which generates its own WiFi network and runs a self-contained version of Scratch, to help you get Marty up and running without requiring school WiFi or internet access.
We're here to help. After you buy an Edu pack, get in touch to schedule your introductory video call where we can answer any questions you have, and make sure you get up and running, and help guarantee you get the most out of your Martys.
All the extras thrown-in with our Education Packs can be bought separately, so you can get a the same setup for one, ten or one hundred Martys.

Lesson Plans


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Meet Marty the Robot

Introducing Marty - a fully programmable walking robot


  • Fully Programmable
  • Battery and Charger included
  • Activities and Lesson Plans
  • Live Chat or Email Support
  • Marty Command Hub
  • Video Support & Training Calls
  • Technical Specifications

    Number of motors
  • 9 - six in the legs, one per arm, and one for the eyebrows
  • Includes four high torque metal geared servo motors and five plastic geared ones
  • Stickers included for quick customisation
  • Extra sensors/motors can be added
  • Easily expanded with an onboard Raspberry Pi, then add a camera, microphone, etc.
  • All parts are 3D printable, so you can fully customise them
  • 3-axis accelerometer - including tilt sensing
  • Motor current sensing - can tell how hard the joints are working, and detect interactions like you touching his arm
  • Two bump sensors included - can detect floor contact, feet hitting obstacles, or be used as inputs
  • Add a Raspberry Pi to be able to add camera and/or microphone
  • WiFi, Serial, i2c
  • All software is free and open source
  • Interfaces for Scratch, Python, Javascript
  • ROS (Robot Operating System) with Raspberry Pi
  • Takes 2-3 hours, moderately challenging. Adult supervision required if under 14 Multiple Robots
  • Get as many Martys as you want on the same WiFi network.
  • Good for classes, football, and synchronised dances
  • Onboard buzzer for beeping
    Battery Life
  • Rechargeable 1400mAh Lithium battery and charger included
  • 1.5-2 hours on a charge
  • On board battery recharging using supplied USB cable
  • Contents

  • One Pre-assembled Marty
  • Battery and Charger included
  • WiFi Command Hub
  • Handy Storage tub
  • Printed Educator's guide
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