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LEGO Education DUPLO Tech Machines Set. Product Code: 731736

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Transform children into expert builders! With the Lego DUPLO Tech Machines Set in your classroom, you'll help children d More details

The LEGO Education DUPLO Tech Machines Set has a 111 pieces DUPLO tech machines set includes elements such as bricks, wheels, tracks, reels, hooks, scoops, propellers, screwdrivers, integrated screws that snap into place, and more, to help children three years and older build vehicles and machines, while exploring the tools used to work on them, and their functions. Hands-on exploration helps children enhance problem-solving and communication skills while creating air, sea, land, and space vehicles.

This super set is perfect for creative young designers. Based on popular themes such as air, sea, land and space travel, this set is ideal for free play or as a tool to get children excited about simple science and technology. They learn about tools and investigate the functions of basic components; learn about simple design work and how to solve problems.

The set includes illustrated cards for inspiration, and a CD pack with four detailed activities and four extra problem-solving challenges.

Key Learning Values:

  • Exploring technology and design through emerging engineering skills
  • Investigating functions of machines
  • Communicating ideas and plans and listening to others
  • Exploring social roles and responsibilities
  • Investigating problem solving
  • Developing increasingly complex fine motor skills
  • Introduces young minds to basic engineering concepts
  • 111-piece DUPLO tech machines set
  • Includes elements for students to build vehicles and machines while exploring the tools used to work on them and their functions
  • Hands-on exploration enhances problem-solving and communication skills
  • Supports a group of four students, age three years and older
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  • Brand: Lego Education
  • Model Number: 779206
  • Age Level: 3+ years
  • LEGO Education DUPLO Tech Machines Set 779206
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