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IPEVO Wireless Presentation System. Model Number: 5-118-6-1001

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Quick Overview

Streamline your presentations and cut out the cables. The Wireless Presentation System makes presenting information from multiple PCs or Macs easy and affordable.
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Model Number 5-118-6-1001
The Wireless Presentation System (WPS) turns any classroom or conference room projector into a wireless projector so you can easily and conveniently share content in real time from multiple computers. Any presentation—whether for fun, for education, or for business—becomes a more efficient and more professional process with the WPS, which ends cable hassles and logistical headaches. You don't need to pay high-end prices for a wireless projector; the WPS is your affordable wireless solution.
The WPS connects to a projector's VGA adapter, and an extender is provided to accommodate most projector models. A universal power adapter is included, but if your projector supports Power over VGA (PoVGA), the WPS can receive power directly from the VGA adapter and does not require a separate power supply. In either case, you're just a few steps from connecting your projector to any computer with a WiFi Internet connection. PCs or Macs can navigate to the WPS through an Internet browser, download the software, and project desktop content wirelessly. Viewers will be treated to high speed projection (up to 30fps) at a variety of supported output resolutions. And all information sent is protected by a standard 128-bit WEP/WPA security key.
One handy feature of the Wireless Presentation System is a 4-to-1 split screen capability. Content from up to four computers can be projected in split screen at the same time, which is useful for comparing data, speeding up the display of information to increase meeting productivity, or pulling together different sources for multimedia presentations. And the features don't stop there. A WiFi Access Point mode connects the Wireless Presentation System to your existing WiFi network, allowing any computers on that network to easily connect to the projector. And for quick and effortless projections, a “Plug and Show” token can be made from a USB flash drive. Insert this token into any computer, and the computer will have all the software it needs to project wirelessly within seconds.


  • No more wires! Wirelessly project multiple PC or Mac computer screens
  • 4-in-1 split screen mode to simultaneously project up to four desktops• PoVGA compatible; no external power supply needed if your projector supports PoVGA
  • Create a “Plug and Show” token to make projecting from any computer even easier
  • Connect with a WiFi Access Point, and content from any computer on the network can be presented• Supports high-speed, 30fps projection at SVGA (800x600), XGA (1024x768), WXGA (1280x768), and WXGA+ (1280x800) output resolutions
  • Technical Specifications

  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • IEEE 802.3(10BASE-T)/IEEE 802.3u(100BASE-TX)
  • PoVGA Compliant
  • Resolution:SVGA (800x600)/XGA (1024x768)/WXGA (1280x768)/WXGA+ (1200x800)
  • Compatibility: Mac OSX 10.5 and above, or Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • LxWxH: 3.63x1.57x0.87 inches (92.3x40x22 mm)
  • Weight: 0.12 lbs (52.2g)
  • Contents

  • WPS-Dongle
  • Power Adapter (DC 5V, 1.2A)
  • CD-ROM with User's Manual & Software
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Reviews



    Quick Start Guide


    Q. WPS work with Windows RT devices?
    A. No, Windows RT runs on devices with different hardware structure than PCs, and WPS does not work on those.
    Q. Does WPS work on an iPad or other Wi-Fi enabled tablets?
    A. No. WPS works with Mac and PC only.
    Q. My WPS network is marked with an shield and an exclamation mark.
    A. If your WPS network is marked as the screenshot below in Windows 7, it means your WPS network is not password protected. You should always set a password to your network if you have set the WPS to connect to your existing Wi-Fi network and have been storing or exchanging files in the network. To add a password to the WPS network, please log in to the WPS control panel using your browser, and find "Wireless Setup" section under "Network Setup". In "Wireless Setup" you can select your encryption method and enter the password desired in the "key" field.
    Q. There is an exclamation mark whenever I connect to WPS.
    A. If you see an exclamation mark as the screenshot below, it is not affecting the functionality of WPS. The mark is showing because your WPS is not connected to a network that has internet access. To setup your WPS to connect to an internet access, please refer to "How do I connect to WPS and my internet Wi-Fi connection at the same time?"

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