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IPEVO Perch Side Security Stand for iPad 2 and iPad 3 - M Type (Black)

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A Secure and Interactive Kiosk for Seated Users
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MODEL NUMBER5-828-2-01-st
The Perch Side Stand is our medium stand, and is designed specifically for seated users. Students, co-workers, visitors and clients can enjoy hands-free operation of the iPad, from interactive learning apps to ordering drinks. There's no limit to what you can do in the classroom, at the office, in waiting rooms and restaurants, at the salon or boutique, and in many more locations when you offer a secure interactive kiosk at the perfect height to view and operate.
Your secure interactive iPad kiosk for seated users is here: the Perch Side Security Stand.
Your purchase comes with two products: the Perch Side Stand, and the iPad Holder with Security Lock for the new iPad and iPad 2 . Together, they make a great way to publicly display your iPad in classroom and business settings without worrying about the security of your device.
Your Perch Side Stand is constructed with quality materials including a heavy-gauge steel base, a lightweight aluminum leg and a rugged holder. You'll receive a separate interchangeable holder with two security locks that prevent the iPad from being removed from the stand. All ports and switches are accessible while the iPad is in either holder, and both holders feature a special dual-axis hinge so you can position the screen at just the right angle and orientation. And as an additional thoughtful feature, the flat feet of the stand can be slid underneath furniture to bring the iPad closer to the user.
An optional home button lock on the security holder prevents the user from hitting Home and closing the app. And the IPEVO Showcase app (available soon at the Apple App Store) gives you even more options to limit interactions and further fine-tune your students' or customers' experience.
Whether it's one-on-one or small groups, and whether it's teaching or collaborating, the Perch Side Security Stand is an excellent way to share your iPad with peace of mind.


Perch Side Stand, PLUS Security Holder for the new iPad and iPad 2 all in one
Secure your iPad to your Perch Stand in public spaces, classrooms, and businesses
Doubly secure with a neck lock and holder lock; no cable necessary
Effortlessly tilt and rotate your iPad with special dual-axis hinge
Forged aluminum leg and heavy-gauge steel base look great and provide sturdy foundation
Optional home button lock and special free Showcase app (available soon at the Apple App Store) to further customize users' experience

Technical Specifications

Compatible with the new iPad and iPad 2 without case/shell
LxWxH: 16.14" x 12.6" x 33" (410 x 320 x 850 mm)
Weight: 8.8 lbs Color: black


Perch Side Stand
Security Holder


the-gadgeteer.com "The good news here is the base/leg holds the iPad quite steady. I had no problem interacting with it in either landscape or portrait orientations. The iPad holder rotates easily in either direction and pitches up/down/left/right as well."

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