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IPEVO Interactive Whiteboard System IS-01 Model Number: 5-866-1-08-00

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The IPEVO Interactive Whiteboard System, or IS-01, transforms most any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard.
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MODEL NUMBER 5-866-1-08-00
The IPEVO Interactive Whiteboard System, or IS-01, transforms most any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard. Pair IS-01 with a computer and projector, and in just a few simple steps you can draw and annotate on a projected "board" large enough for the entire class - up to 100"! Your drawings, gestures and highlights will all appear on the live image in real time. IS-01 is even compatible with a wide variety of software programs, meaning you'll be able to control what's on screen, just as if you were at the computer. With its teacher-friendly operation and ease of use, IS-01 is sure to become a favorite in your classroom.
Use Any Projector
Because the sensor cam simply tracks the position of the pen, you can use any make and model of projector. If you have a projected image that fits the customizable 40" - 100" board area, you have an interactive whiteboard.
Simple Setup
IS-01 is USB plug-and-play compatible. Plug the sensor cam in, install the software, and spend less than a minute calibrating the board for accuracy. That's all there is to it, and that's also why IS-01 is so easy to swap between rooms.
The Anywhere Classroom
Turn any flat surface into your teaching space. As long as your projector can project onto the area and it's between 40" and 100" measured diagonally, IS-01 will go to work for you or for your students when it's their turn at the board.
Do More with IPEVO Annotator Software
IS-01 comes with IPEVO Annotator, a program which can be used in combination with any other software/application. You can draw, write and annotate onto images on the screen. Or, you can create a blank whiteboard to turn your projector screen into an interactive whiteboard. All the convenient tools including text boxes, shapes, and lines and highlight colors are listed on a side tool bar that can be easily accessed with IS-01's interactive pen.
Draw, Annotate, and Interact
Direct focus and give proper emphasis to whatever your projector's showing from your computer ; including software programs. And because the pen's tip sensor and button act as mouse clicks, you can also control software with just the pen.

Some Interesting Ways to Use the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System in the Class
1. Control your computer remotely – use the Interactive Pen as a computer cursor
One half of IS-01, the Interactive Pen, behaves like a mouse, transforming any surface into a touchscreen. Because the Pen is compatible with so many apps, the only limit is your imagination. If you can run it on your computer, chances are you can project it and then interact with it at the board.
2. Give the students control – engage and excite your class
"Magic Wand," "Magic Pen," "Special Pen" – we've heard the IS-01's Interactive Pen called all sorts of things. And what it does really is a sort of magic. Students can interact with material directly and see immediate results from their very own wave of the "magic wand." The result? Excitement and engagement like never before.
3. Teach drawing, including hands-on practice and exposure to art concepts
Interactive whiteboards give students a chance to virtually arrange objects, digitally draw, and otherwise get "hands on" in order to visually understand the concepts taught in class.
4. Power through your PowerPoint presentation
Have a PowerPoint presentation or something similar? It's easy to step through your presentation with IS-01. Plus, use the Interactive Pen as a pointer to focus your viewers on key points of interest.
5. Offer software tutorials – Excel, Word, Photoshop and so much more
Demonstrate software on the big screen so your students can see each step as you do it – and all without being tied to the computer.
6. Annotate real-time images from an IPEVO doc cam
How cool is this? With an IPEVO doc cam like the Ziggi-HD, you can capture real-time video of documents, textbooks, artwork, 3D objects, math equations, or anything else. Then, take it to the next level by using IS-01 to annotate the image. Add text boxes, lines, circles, highlights and more. IPEVO's free Annotator software has it all covered.
7. Annotate and interact with videos, too
Did we mention you can also annotate live videos to enhance lessons? IPEVO’s IS-01 is compatible with YouTube and any media player. Add notes or call attention to certain parts of the screen.
8. Write and draw over posters and props
Affix real objects to your whiteboard surface and interact with and annotate them. For example, make a clock face and draw hour and minute hands to teach time to young students.
9. Improve their handwriting
Create a handwriting worksheet or template, or grab one from an online resource. Project the worksheet, then have students go to the board to complete the worksheet. They'll be practicing their handwriting for the benefit of themselves and everyone else.
10. Go on a virtual field trip
This interactive tour of the White House is just one of many interactive tours you can take of famous and noteworthy places. For all those places you can't physically visit, why not bring the images and the facts to the classroom in an interactive way instead?

IPEVO Interactive Whiteboard System IS-01

Drawing with IS 01 Interactive Whiteboard System


  • Ultra affordable interactive whiteboard system
  • Turn any projector surface into an interactive whiteboard for class
  • Easy setup and calibration in less than 5 minutes
  • Easy to use software which is compatible with both PC and Mac
  • Lightweight and compact, portable for teacher or classroom changes
  • Technical Specifications

    Sensor Cam
  • Effective Board Area: 40″ - 100″
  • Distance to Board Area: 3.7′ - 13.1′ (112cm - 400cm) (depends on board area)
  • Power Supply: micro USB
  • Power Consumption: 5V - 60mA
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 1.9″ x 1.6″ x 3″ (48 x 40.4 x 75.8 mm)
    Interactive Pen
  • Pen Trigger: Tip Sensor or Button Press
  • Battery Type: AAA Battery x 2 pcs
  • Power: 0.5W
  • Pen: 7.9″ (200 mm) / Φ - 0.6″ (16 mm)
  • Extension: 15.9″ (405 mm) / Φ - 0.6″ (16 mm)
  • Contents

  • IPEVO IS-01 Sensor Cam
  • IPEVO IS-01 Interactive Pen
  • IPEVO IS-01 Pen extension wand
  • 2m USB cable
  • Ceiling mount sticker
  • Reviews

    thenerdyteacher.com "It only took me a couple of minutes to set it up correctly. Once I got it, I was able to mark exactly where I set it up so that I can quickly place it in the right spot each time I need to use it."

    Teacher Sue Haney "IS-01 – The Sharpest Tool in my Technology Toolbox!"

    Teacher Patty "My class LOVES to use the Interactive Whiteboard System!"

    Teacher Jenny Daniel "Students focus better and be more engaged in the lessons and activities"

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    User Manual


    Q: I cannot play PowerPoint or Keynote slide while using Annotator on Mac.
    A: Due to system limitation, PowerPoint switches back to edit mode after entering drawing mode on Annotator. Keynote minimizes the window to dock after any click (on Interactive Pen or mouse) on tool bars in drawing mode of Annotator. Playing PowerPoint slide on Windows with Annotator is fully compatible. You will be able to switch back and forth between drawing mode and mouse click mode to progress your presentation and annotate real time.
    Q: My Chrome detects the download as malware, is that true?
    A: It is a false alarm. Please click on "Recover malicious file" to complete the download, or try to download the software using a different browser. You can then scan the file with your anti-virus software if you are still concerned.
    Q: How does IS-01 different from conventional interactive whiteboard?
    A: IS-01 is extremely lightweight and portable compare to conventional interactive whiteboard, and can be carried around to use at different classrooms. IS-01 also comes with an annotation software which features whiteboards, basic drawing tools like shapes and colors, and best of all, IPEVO cam and Presenter integration. IS-01 is also compatible with 3rd party software which allows you to do more with an interactive whiteboard rather than limiting yourself with a set of materials. And most importantly, IS-01 is much much more affordable compare to conventional interactive whiteboard.
    Q: There are two IS-01 shortcuts after I update the software.
    A: Please completely uninstall the IS-01 software before installing the new version. If you have already install the latest version and see 2 shortcuts please simply delete one of them. Both shortcuts work the same way so deleting any one of them will not affect the software.
    Q: My pen trace and pointing are inaccurate after I change screen resolution.
    A: Changing the screen resolution throws off the calibration. Please run the calibration app after every resolution change.
    Q: Why is there no scroll bar in my browser or finder window in Mac OS X when using IS-01?
    A: By default, scroll bar is enabled only when a mouse is connected to Mac. You can manually enable the scroll bar by going to System Preferences -> General and set “Show scroll bars” to “Always” to enable scroll bars.
    Q. What is the difference between the IS-01 and the IW2?
  • For the IS-01, the sensor cam needs to be connected to the computer via USB port.
  • For the IW2, there is no more cable between the sensor cam and the computer
    Q. Can I use the same accessories I use with the IS-01 with the IW2?
  • The accessories for the IS-01 do not support the IW2