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IPEVO Dual Mode Laptop Security Lock

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Two ways to secure your laptop
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Two Convenient Locking Options for Your Laptop
The Dual Mode Laptop Security Lock offers two ways to keep your laptop secure with a special dual-mode lock. Protect your laptop against opportunistic theft with cylinder keys or with a four-digit, fully customizable combination lock which you can set and reset with ease.
Ideal Solution for Administrators and Managers
School administrators, office managers, and other heads of large teams will appreciate the versatility of the dual-mode system. Keep the keys for yourself and provide the combination to select staffers. Now everyone who needs access can have it, and there won't be any delays or hassles to track down keys.
Forget the Combination? No Problem
Forgetting the combination to your lock usually means a call to the locksmith. But with the dual mode lock, the combination can always be reset to your custom code using the keys. And this not only delivers "forget-proof" security. Anytime you need to change the combination because of employee turnover or something else, you have the flexibility to do so. Plus, locks and key pairs are individually numbered so they're easy to find when you're managing multiple lock sets.
Highly Secure with 10,000+ Possible Combinations
The combination lock renders over 10,000 number combinations possible. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing your laptop is much more secure than it would be using simpler combination locks. This makes it perfect for libraries, coffee shops, college dorms, offices, classrooms, retail spaces, and anywhere else you need a quick, rock-solid security solution.
Smart Features for Smart Security
The lock is compatible with the Kensington Security Slot, the global standard. Wrap the slim 6.56 feet (2 meters) cable around a heavy table or other building feature, and you'll be guarded against theft. An adhesive spacer set is included to ensure a snug fit between lock and laptop without any annoying jiggle. And a reusable Velcro strap will keep the cord tidy and out of your way. The Dual Mode Security Lock delivers crucial security for your valuable laptop, two ways.


Two ways to secure your laptop — keys (x2) and combination lock
Great for administrators and managers — keep the keys and give the combination to your staff
Forget-proof security — if you forget the combination, just use the keys
High level of security for your valuable device; over 10,000 possible combinations
Compatible with Kensington Security Slot; strong zinc-alloy cable measures 6.56 feet (2 meters)

Technical Specifications

Material: Zinc-alloy (Cable)
Weight: 0.36lbs/163g
Security cable length: 6.56ft/2m


Dual Mode Laptop Security Lock
Key x 2
Adhesive Spacer x 3







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