Ipevo 48-Foot VGA Cable for VZ-1 HD VGA/USB Document Camera Model Number: 5-138-2-8005

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When it comes to VGA cables go big with the 48-Foot VGA Cable.Problem solved! More details
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MODEL NUMBER 5-138-2-8005

All the Length You’ll Need For Your VGA Setup


With the 48-Foot VGA Cable, you can enjoy the convenience of extending your VGA projector or monitor setup with ease. Its impressive 48-foot (15 meters) length allows you to connect your devices in classrooms, offices, and other settings without limitations.


Great Companion for the VZ-1 HD Doc Cam


Take your VZ-1 HD Document Camera to new heights with the 48-Foot VGA Cable from IPEVO. This extended cable provides the flexibility to bring the camera to any desk in the classroom, making it easy to share materials up close with your students.


Premium Construction for the Best Visual Experience


The 48-Foot VGA Cable from IPEVO is built to deliver exceptional video quality. With its premium-grade UI 2919 Listed Coaxial Type Cable, it supports high video resolutions, allowing you to enjoy a super viewing experience. The cable’s double-shielding feature also helps to minimize signal interference, ensuring a stable and reliable connection.


DDC1 and DDC2 Support for Hassle-Free Setups


With the 48-Foot VGA Cable, you can say goodbye to the resolution settings problem. This cable supports VGA VESA DDC1 and DDC2 standards, allowing your devices to automatically detect and set the optimal video resolution for a hassle-free experience.


Male to Male Connectors - No Converters Necessary


The 48-Foot VGA Cable features standard 15-pin male to 15-pin male connectors for hassle-free connection to VGA ports. No additional adapters or converters are required. Simply plug in the cable and start using it.


Don’t let the cable length limit your VGA setup. Upgrade to the 48-Foot VGA Cable and enjoy the freedom to position your devices wherever you want without any restrictions.

  • Huge 48-foot (15 meters) cable delivers maximum flexibility for your VGA setup
  • Fully compatible with the IPEVO VZ-1 HD VGA/USB Dual-Mode Document Camera
  • Premium construction supports higher video resolutions; double-shielded to prevent signal interference
  • Supports VGA VESA DDC1 and DDC2 standards; auto-detects optimal resolution for hassle-free connections
  • 15-pin male to 15-pin male connections — no female converters needed, just plug and go
  • No
  • Length 49 ft/15 m
  • Weight 2.87 lbs/1.3 kg
  • Connector VGA Male to Male
  • 48-Foot VGA Cable
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