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hey!U – Pack of 30 units with free Backpack and one year free hey!U software subscription

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With just a click, you can get the latest technology, without even changing your device. Many of the difficulties experi More details
Many of the difficulties experienced with classroom teaching can be solved with this simple USB connected device. With just a click, users can get the latest technology, without even changing your device. This Hey!U product can be connected to any windows device and allows you to have an extra screen to interact t people around you in a visual manner. With this Hey!U product, the teachers, in order to ensure everybody’s participation, can create more interactive classes and the students can surely have more fun as well.

The hey!education software is connected to this Hey!screen enabling the teacher to carry out tests, comprehension exercises and even view who is on task. What more, the interactive classes can be prepared by the teacher without internet connectivity as well. Also, the students can express themselves and participate in the class. The comprehension of the class contents can also be verified by the teacher and students can adapt to this pace of learning.

It is possible for the students to let the teacher know whether they have understood the subject, or are still struggling with it. the best part is that this information is shredded in real time. This further allows the teacher to clear the student of any doubts before the situation worsens. Furthermore, all the students are allowed to participate equally in the class and not just a few active students who regularly raise their hands.

Between 4 answers, A, B, C and D, Students select the answer they think is correct.
Students can write the answer to an open question. With hey!tech same colours are used to show the same responses which allow the teacher to check a hey! close-by and thus determine the current level of the class as a whole. It is quite perfect for quick questions about any subject and level. For example spelling, vocabulary, problems resolution, dates, numbers, places, names, mathematical formulas, short descriptions and options.
On a variety of issues presented by the teacher, Students can express their viewpoint

This bar allows the teacher to know if the student is on the internet (RED, be aware) or is not (GREEN, you can be a little more relaxed if you decided that this moment of the class is without internet) and if its turn off…then they have disconnected hey!U. In Android phones even you can know if the student has Airplane mode, to avoid interruptions like the call.
NOTE: USB bases not included

Hey!U, LED panel with flexible USB The latest educational technology without changing your device

What teachers say about Hey! formative assessment tool

  • Get the latest educational technology without changing your device.
  • Connect hey!U to any Windows device and you will have an extra screen to visually interact with people around you.
  • With hey!U teachers can create more interactive classes, where everybody participates, making them easier to follow for the students and more fun.
  • The hey! screen is connected to the hey!education software.
  • Without internet connectivity the teacher can create interactive classes where all the students can participate in class and express themselves.
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  • 30 hey!U (6 of each color)
  • hey! backpack
  • 1 year free Subscription to Hey Software
    NOTE: USB bases not included
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