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Globisens Labdisc Physio Data Logger

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Quick Overview

Turn complex and abstract physics concepts into easy-to-perform experiments. The Globisens Labdisc Physio is a sophisticated tool for discovering the forces of our universe and the building blocks of matter.

This data logger offers all you need for STEM-based hands-on science activities
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Product code: LD12-PHY
The Globisens Labdisc Physio data logger can be applied in a wide range of physics activities requiring wireless data logging with 12-bit resolution, large 128k samples memory and high sampling rate of 24k/sec sampling rate.
Turn complex and abstract physics concepts into easy-to-perform experiments with the Labdisc Physio wireless data logger which is a sophisticated tool for discovering the forces of our universe and the building blocks of matter. The Labdisc Physio comes with a wireless add-on, the small and lightweight force/acceleration sensor, easily attaching to portable Lab trolleys.
10 built-in sensors for general science measurements:
Accelerometer, Air Pressure, Ambient Temperature, Current, Distance (Motion), External Temperature, Light, Microphone, Universal Input, Voltage
Some typical activities in the classroom include:
Lenz and Boyle’s Laws, resistor networks, light source efficiency, light vs. distance, sound beat and wave superposition, Newton’s Second Law and free fall acceleration

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Labdisc Data Loggers


  • All-in-one, complete lab in the palm of your hand
  • free, utilizing Bluetooth wireless communication
  • Built-in unique probes and features
  • Dramatic cost savings
  • Automatic sensor testing and calibration
  • Over 150 hours of battery life
  • Interactive multi-disciplinary experiments books for K-12
  • Technical Specifications

  • Accuracy rate of 98%
  • Range: 15 meters
  • Software available in 22 languages
  • Unit display available in 5 languages (english, spanish, portuguese, chinese and russian)
  • Supported platforms: Standalone, PC, MAC, iOS, Android, Linux
  • Built-in sensors: Accelerometer, Air Pressure, Amb. Temperature, Current, Ext. Temperature, Light, Low Voltage, microphone, Motion, Universal Input, Voltage
  • GPS data logging: Yes
  • Remote data logging: Yes
  • Max. sampling speed: 24,000/s
  • Sampling resolution: 12-bit
  • Int. measurement storage: 128,000 samples
  • Int. rechargeable battery: LiPO 7.2 V
  • Battery life: > 150 hours
  • Display: Graphical LCD, 64 x 128 pixels
  • Keypad: Yes
  • USB communication: USB 2.0
  • Wireless communication: Bluetooth V2.0
  • Automatic sensor testing: Yes
  • Auto sensor calibration : Yes
  • Size (round disc): ø = 132, H = 45 mm
  • Weight : 300 gr.
  • Temperature range: -10 to 50 °C
  • Standard compliance: CE, FCC
  • External power supply: 100-240 V AC/12 V DC 1A
  • Software: GlobiLab
  • Accessories: Table stand, carry bag (optional)
  • Contents

  • Labdisc data logger
  • Labdisc AC charger
  • USB cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty page
  • Software flyer
  • Air pressure tube
  • Temperature probe
  • Plastic rod and screw
  • Banana cables
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