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Equil Smartmarker

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Equil Smartmarker uses standard Expo® dry erase markers and works on any whiteboarding surface, capturing your notes an More details
Equil Smartmarker
Equil Smartmarker Equil Smartmarker Equil Smartmarker Equil Smartmarker Equil Smartmarker Equil Smartmarker
The Smartmarker receiver captures everything you’re writing as you’re writing it, and then sends it in real time to the Equil app on your desktop or smartphone. If you want to start a new document, you press a round button in the middle of the receiver, and a clean page immediately opens in the app.

Within the Equil app there are also options to translate your scribbles into type-text, share documents to Evernote and Dropbox, and even “livestream” your whiteboard sessions to remote colleagues.

Using Equil Smartmarker is a breeze — just turn it on and start writing. With no calibration or training required, it doesn’t get in the way of your big ideas. With the sensor’s built-in memory, be confident that everything you write is saved.

Keep your ever-growing stream of notes organized and accessible using Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud and more. And of course, you can export and share with your favorite apps.

Separate your work notes from your personal life. Equil Smartmarker lets you organize, title, and tag your notes to help you find content faster. Unlike photos, your notes stay editable, allowing you to select and manipulate each individual stroke.
  • Capture, share and stream live notes from any whiteboarding surface - straight to your favorite device.
  • Work together, when you’re not together.
  • It’s your essential whiteboarding companion whether you’re out in the field or bouncing around your workplace.
  • Generate diagrams, charts, lists and mind maps on surfaces up to 16ft x 5ft (5m x 1.5m).
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  • Compatibility: Android (4.0 or above), iOS (5.0 or above), Mac OS (10.7 or above) and Windows (7 and 8)
  • Battery lasts up to 8 continuous hours per charge. A full charge takes only 2 hours.
  • Charging stand, marker sleeve, & sensor
  • Eraser, eraser cap, replacement eraser and cap pads
  • 4 interchangeable color rings
  • 2 USB charging cables & power adapters
  • 2 EXPO brand bullet tip dry erase markers
  • Sensor bracket, eraser bracket, command adhesive
  • User guide
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