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ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0 (Arduino UNO R3)

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Elegoo Robot Car Kit is an educational kit for beginners to get hands-on experience about Arduino programming, electron More details
ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0  (Arduino UNO R3)
ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0  (Arduino UNO R3) ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0  (Arduino UNO R3) ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0  (Arduino UNO R3) ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0  (Arduino UNO R3) ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0  (Arduino UNO R3) ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0  (Arduino UNO R3) ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0  (Arduino UNO R3) ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0  (Arduino UNO R3) ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0  (Arduino UNO R3) ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0  (Arduino UNO R3) ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0  (Arduino UNO R3) ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0  (Arduino UNO R3) ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0  (Arduino UNO R3) ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0  (Arduino UNO R3) ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0  (Arduino UNO R3) ELEGOO Robot Car Kit V3.0  (Arduino UNO R3)

ELEGOO Robot is a DIY Smart Car Kit to learn ARDUINO, provides a great platform to develop your coding skills and helps complete a variety of interesting experiments.The Robot Car Kit features easy assembly, requires no welding, and it comes with detailed tutorials (includes video instructions, schematic diagram and source code). It is designed for both beginners and professionals to learn about electronics, programming and robotics. It features two modes of operation : Infrared Remote and Mobile Phone App (Supports Android Only). The UNIROI Smart Robot Car kit features an Infrared Tracking Module, (follows any object in front of it) and Infrared Line Tracking Module (follows a line).

If you want to learn Arduino programming as a beginner, there is no other best way than to practically make interesting projects. Your kids will have the next-generation imagination because as they say you can do it, if you can imagine it. So you can help your kids to be productive and learn a meaningful skill. ELEGOO Smart Robot Car Kit V 3.0 is an excellent example of practical robotics education. Not only will you learn programming but the high-quality product build and easy assembling will make the project very enjoyable.

The smart car kit uses UNO R3 controller board which is specially designed for both starters and experienced professionals to learn, understand and practice programming electronically with robotics.

While the overall project may sounds complicated but it isn’t. You will get complete manuals and booklets, including PDF, video instructions, product wire frames, wiring manuals, schematic design and A-class customer support. Your learning experience is guaranteed, and we have got you covered with ample of learning resources to save you from any assembling trouble.

  • ELEGOO Smart Robot Car V3 – The ultimate education toy for teens to be productive and get practical hands-on experience in the competitive electronic industry. Get accustomed to Arduino and it’s programming principles.
  • New board design with over 10 upgrades, these advancements include for example, built-in IR remote sensor on board, premium healthier battery, protection board and 3 line tracking modules as well.
  • Easy to assemble: The very famous and requested Xh2.54 ports have finally been added in v3. Plus, the manuals, guidebooks and technical support you get from us makes it super easy to do all it yourself.
  • Several Modules: Obstacle Avoidance, Line Tracking, IR-remote and Bluetooth control over phone via app
  • Unique Build and Long-Lasting Quality: The components and plastic used are A-class to provide a durable build for years to come.


    Play and Learn – Developing Interest

    There is no chance to get bored, ELEGOO Smart Robot Car Kit V3.0 provides you with enormous functions and multiple modes to play with. For example, auto-go, obstacle avoidance, infrared control systems and the very famous line tracking as well. You will have a magical time learning to code and to see your commands work live in motion will develop great level of interest  in robotics.


    Newly Designed – Upgraded Modules – Perfect Experience

    In V1.0 of the robotic car, there were sensor burning complains only because the car was intended for an advanced use. So while people extended the functionality by adding more pins on board, doing it the wrong way would damage the system.

    What's new in V3.0, we have added XH2.54 interfaces so it’s much harder to make any mistake, and we have not heard of a single complain either. We have reserved pins so customizations are still possible for passionate DIY projects. Installing sensors is straight-forward and overall it makes the newer version fit for all.


    Obstacle Avoidance – No More Fears

    Your ELEGOO robot car will detect objects in front as obstacles and avoid it too. So it’s an automatic process using the ultrasonic sensors which communicates via waves to calculate the distance and save your great project from any collision damage.


    Bluetooth App Manipulation Mode

    Now you can control the robot car right from your phone. Using your Bluetooth and installing the ELEGOO BLE App from Playstore helps you to connect and pair your device with the robot car using HC-08 Bluetooth module. Don’t worry, you will learn all about sending and receiving signals to board in our guidebooks.


    Line Tracking – Follow the Line

    Located at the bottom of the car is line tracking module, which has transmitter and receiver tube. It makes sure to follow the black and white line and keeps the race path clear for you to enjoy the smooth riding experience.



  • No
  • Package Dimensions: 10 x 7.6 x 3.2 inches
  • Item Weight 2.9 pounds
  • 1pcs UNO R3
  • 1pcs USB cable
  • 1pcs V5.0 extension board V3.0
  • 1pcs L298N motor driver board V3.0
  • 1pcs ultrasonic Sensor
  • 1pcs ultrasonic holder
  • 1pcs servo motor
  • 1pcs servo motor fixed plate
  • 1pcs Bluetooth module
  • 1pcs line tracking module
  • 4pcs motor
  • 1pcs remote
  • 1pcs charger
  • 1pcs cell box
  • 2pcs 18650 battery
  • 1pcs tape
  • 8pcs separation shims
  • 2pcs acrylic plates
  • 4pcs wheel
  • 8 bags of screws and nuts for sensors and modules
  • 4pcs aluminum blocks
  • 10pcs copper columns
  • 1pcs plastic box
  • 1pcs CD with tutorial
  • Several DuPont wires
  • Several fix tools.
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