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EasyRead TwinTime Student Edition (pack of 10 student cards)

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A ‘hands on’ learning resource for children learning to tell the time.
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A ‘hands on’ teaching resource for children learning the time elements of the primary school numeracy curriculum.
Double sided teaching resource featuring analogue clock faces with independently moveable hour and minute hands on both sides. The clock face shows ‘minutes past and to the hour’ on one side and ’12 and 24 hour time’ on the other.
15 x 20 cm, made from high gloss write on wipe off PVC sheet, each side has a space below the clock to write the time displayed on the clock.
Simple teaching systems: 2 steps to learn ’12 and 24-hour’ time; 3 steps to learn ‘minutes past and to the hour’.
Displays all the information children need to learn to tell the time on analogue clocks.
Useful for counting forwards and backwards from 30; for learning fractions; and counting in 5s and 10s.



Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 0.040 kg
  • Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 2.1 cm
  • Contents

  • EasyRead TwinTime Student Edition (pack of 10 student cards)
  • Reviews

    EasyRead Time Teacher Reviews:
    "Amazing! My daughter had been struggling with time for awhile. Ten minutes after putting a battery in this, it clicked for her.”
    “This clock is totally silent. It is a good size and looks smart on the wall. It doesn’t look cheap or platicky if you know what I mean. It is very well built and my little one is already starting to understand it. A good buy, fast delivered.”
    “Not the cheapest on the market, but a fantastic quality product for generations of learning and fun.”
    “So brilliant, easy to read, silent and fun to have on the wall.”
    “My kids immediately loved it. It looks colorful and fun. The numbers are big and clear for kids to read and understand. I also love that there is a glass cover so that the kids can’t touch the handles. My previous clock did not have the cover and the kids tried to manipulate the clock, moving the handles forward to speed up their nap, and after a few “manipulations”, the clock broke. Hopefully, this one will last a long time.”
    “Wow very impressed my son mastered it in around an hour fantastic well worth it.”
    “Excellent clock, exactly as described, nice and big, colourful and easy to read. It makes learning to tell the time fun and interesting. Would definitely recommend it. Arrived within a couple of days of ordering. Can’t fault it.”
    “Great learning tool once it is explained to kids. SILENT second hand makes sweeping (not clicking) movement. Amen! Would buy again.”
    “Has really helped my daughter tell the time. it is very silent too.”
    “Perfect for my five year old granddaughter. Easy to read and no tick. Also no princesses or pink — a refreshing change.”
    “Great teaching clock so kids can understand the concepts of minutes to and minutes after the hour — which is how people actually talk about time of day. Nice looking, easy to hang, great colors for a kid’s room.”
    “This item is great & a great resource for a child with special educational needs”
    “Great clock. My son knew how to tell time straight away. Wld recommend. Thanks:)”

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