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Dlite Elementary Education Kit

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Our exclusive Education Kits include the Dlite Microscope camera plus additional lenses, accessories, and curriculum designed specifically for student and teacher use Available for the Canadian Classroom only from
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Dlite Elementary Education Kit contains 10-200x Zoom Scope w/10-200x lens, 1- 10x lens & lens changing tool; 15x,30x,50x,150x & 100x/200x fixed magnifcation tips, 6 LEDs & dimmer, and NEW DISCOVERY attachment for viewing slides, aquatic samples and more, Gooseneck Stand, Small Hard Carrying Case, 10 Pc Collection & Display Set, Teacher Resources CD , and 10 of the 15 NEW K-6 Lesson Plan Books.
USB version also includes shutter button & software for stills, movies, timelapse, w/measurement & calibration (PC only) plus SNAP Science software. TV version also includes On/Off switch and power cord.


  • Save time with easy set-up, and no sample preparation
  • Education research shows use of hand-held camera microscopes increases student time on task, and student retention on standardized tests
  • Excite students by instantly displaying a new micro-world to the whole group
  • This one tool is multipurpose and cross-curricular for use as a microscope, presentation camera and document camera
  • Cost effective with durable construction and low maintenance
  • Integrates with all digital whiteboards

    Unique to the Dlite Microscope 5MP:
  • Save even more time by eliminating the need to change lenses, thumb wheel operation zooms 10x to 200x. Fixed mag tips for 30x, 50x, 75x, 100x, 150x, 200x (see sample magnification images here)
  • The USB connection for computer includes enhanced software with measurement capabilities, a $129 value compared to software for other USB cameras
  • Discovery Scope holder allows easy viewing of specimens with available light. View aquatic samples, insects, sand, soil, and other small specimens
  • Technical Specifications



  • 10-200x Zoom Scope w/10-200x lens
  • 1- 10x lens & lens changing tool
  • 15x,30x,50x,150x & 100x/200x fixed magnifcation tips
  • 6 LEDs & dimmer
  • NEW DISCOVERY attachment for viewing slides, aquatic samples and more
  • Gooseneck Stand
  • Small Hard Carrying Case
  • 10 Pc Collection & Display Set
  • Teacher Resources CD
  • 10 of the 15 NEW K-6 Lesson Plan Books.
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