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CZUR Shine Ultra - Next Gen Portable & Powerful Scanner for MacOS and Windows

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CZUR Shine Ultra is a remarkable combination of elegant design and versatility, It works with everything you need to sca More details
CZUR Shine Ultra is a revolutionary book scanner that covers all your scanning needs. Features our patented”curve-flatten technology”, autofocus, auto page-turning detecting. It scans books even faster, with an incredible 1 second per page, so scanning an entire book will only take you minutes.
Along with a lot more features, this is your perfect scanning companion. Using a traditional scanner to scan books is exhausting. Existing machines bulky in size and the prize also mean it’s not for everyone. That’s to its auto-focus and auto page-turning detecting, plus a super foot pedal for hands-free operation.
Shine Ultra is the fastest scanner on the market. It allows you to scan at an incredible one second per page- so you can easily scan the entire 300-page book, book in 10 minutes. A raft of cutting-edge technologies, CZUR Shine Ultra makes scanning a breeze. With the patented curve-flatten Technology, it automatically removes curvature and saves you the time-consuming awkwardness of flattening pages by hand. Along with other features including correct position, multi-target scanning, Remove Fingerprint, Smart Paging, purify Background, and more this is really the best scanning you can achieve.
Memories are precious assets. CZUR Shine Ultra helps to make them permanent. Producing Amazing 13 full-size megapixel hi-res scans at 340 DPI, Shine Ultra gives you crystal clear scanning quality. Besides books and documents, it can also scan a wide range of things, such as your ID, passports, receipts, Stamps, Barcodes even your kids’ First Drawings and toys.
  • Scan an entire book in a minute
  • Convert scanned pages into editable files
  • No more flattening pages by hand
  • Preserve ALL crystal clear Memories
  • Video recording perfect for presenting
  • Super portable
  • Wherever you need(office, home, library)
  • 180+ language OCR
  • AI optimization
  • Page-turning detection Auto-Scan
  • Smart tilt adjustment & auto-cropping
  • Combining the front & back sides
  • Barcode & QR code recognition
  • Multi business card smart cutting & splitting
  • Intelligent completion of damaged pages
  • Add watermark OCR 180+ language
  • 13 Mega Pixel
  • No
  • Sensor/Pixel: CMOS 13 megapixel (4160*3120)
  • DPI: A4≈340;A3≈245
  • Scanning Size: A3(Maximum thickness:6mm) / A4 (Maximum thickness 10mm)Sextodecimo / A4( Maximum thickness 30mm)Thirty-twomo
  • Scan Speed: ≤1 sec
  • Video Parameter: MJPG 4160*[email protected]
  • Light Control: Stepless Dimming
  • Image format: JPG
  • Color bit depth:24 bits
  • Export format: JPG, PDF, Searchable PDF, Word, Excel, TIFF
  • USB: USB2.0
  • Top LED lights
  • Focus mode: AF(Auto Focus)
  • Scanning method: Device Control, Software triggering, Foot pedal
  • System support: XP, Win 7/ 8/10, 32/64-bit; macOS 10.11 and later
  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimensions:116.9*157.9*217* 334.9MM(fold)(L*W*H)/116.9*157.9*409.4MM(unfold)(L*W*H)
  • CZUR Shine Ultra - Next Gen Portable & Powerful Scanner
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