Robobloq Feelin Light Q1: Smart DIY Ambient Light Robot

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Synchronization screen color          

Lights that Dance to Game                        

The lights follow the screen real-time interaction, a variety of images through the light effects presented one by one, the shocking visual effects extend the whole room, so you are immersed in the world of games and movies.


Music Visualizer

Dance to the beat of the music

You can turn your favorite songs into a dance symphony of color and light with the built-in MIC and sound recognition, creating a pleasant atmosphere to relax and enjoy a visual and musical feast.


DIY Playability

16M+ colors to choose from, experience novel lighting tones and create the atmosphere you like. A variety of lighting modes, each mode can display different lighting effects, providing you with an immersive experience environment.


NFC-Tagged controlling

With the smart physically-controlled lighting stickers we developed, users can have a perfect experience of physically controlling lighting effects of art toys and garage kits.


Game Room

The trendy gaming device, put it next to the computer, the lights render the room into a world of games, rhythmic lighting, so you are more immersed in the game.

Robobloq mobile application QuikLight Learn more

  • Customize your light color
  • Choose your favorite dynamic lighting effect
  • DIY incredible lighting effects and color options to design
  • your unique color show
  • OTA Air Upgrade Your Feelin


Simple and Avant-garde Design:
Fit for modern style ring design, show your personalized smart life

16M+ Colors
Here are all the colors you like, combine them into a fantastic lighting effect and enjoy the party!

High-sensitive Light-sensing Auto-dimming
Intelligent brightness adjustment, a new automated lighting experience

Microwave Radar Detection
Intelligent sensing of the human body to turn on or off the lights, to achieve intelligent interaction between people and lights.

Infrared Contactless Dimming
New touchless dimming method, experience technology with your hands.

Power Saving and Energy Saving
The use of energy-saving and environmentally friendly high-efficiency intelligent cold light source LED lamp beads, an average of 20 days to consume a degree of electricity.

Power Bank Charging
The cableless, mobile design concept, more convenient USB power supply method, make your life easier.

OTA Upgrading
Through self-developed intelligent physical control of lighting stickers to achieve the perfect interaction between art toys and lighting.

Product size: 198*71*325mm
Product weight: 1.16KG
Package size: 350*98*390mm
All weight: 1.4KG
Package contains:
1x Feelin
1 x USB-TypeC power cable
1x manual
3 x smart physical control lighting stickers
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