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Code your Totem Tortoise and see it come alive!

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Unlimited Fun assured with the Totem Tortoise!
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Among the different alien binary robots found on Planet Totem is the Totem Tortoise. It has an awesome pincer and a BinaryBots sensor board. Come! Use the code the bring the tortoise alive.

Its prominent features are –
  • Code range: crab, tortoise and a spider.
  • Targeted Age Groups: 11yrs and above
    The kit includes –
  • Magnetic components
  • Small screws and bolts.
    Due to its complex range, a child is able to bring out his / her creative abilities to the best. The coding required is basically based on motions and emotions and based on the motion, light and temperature, the sensor board can change the moods of the animals.
    Usually, a motion based learning trajectory is STEM/STEAM robotic companies but they are often limited to plug and play. The code strings in this robot are extensive and easy to follow at the same time using the BBC micro: bit interface.
    This robot allows your child to build whatever he or she wants with no plug and play required.
    There are many advantages of learning the code such as –
  • In the digital medium, the code is one the most widely used language
  • The world has been reshaped with connected devices
  • When young, kids learn in a better and faster manner
  • Can set up a successful career in future
  • Explore the child’s creativity
  • Instil confidence in the child
  • Featured

    The AWESOME Totem Mechanics
    The patent pending invention Totem Mechanics allow for some incredible innovations - strong, easy to use and adaptable from simple to very complex structures
  • Makes sturdy structures.
  • Tailor made for building electronics and mechanics together
  • While building it is easy to expand the structure – beams or boards are easily attached using wide range of brackets, that make 45 or 90 corners to any direction
  • Screwdriver has super strong magnetic grip - bolt firmly stays on even when shaking it
  • Nuts stay in structure; they do not fall out before fastened
  • Extra grab bags allow for any innovation
  • Technical Specifications

    This kit includes one of the latest innovations from BinaryBots - the BinaryBots Totem Sensor board. Bring your robot to life and code it to respond with real instincts - poke your robot to make it mad and stroke it to calm down. Code responses according to real world actions
  • Has 2 unique capacitive touch sensor strips for poke and stroke interface
  • 4 addressable multi colour LEDs
  • Light sensor and buzzer
  • Vibramotor for haptic feedback
    NOTE: Suitable for 11 years+
  • Contents

  • All the pieces required to construct the Totem Crab
  • Instruction Book
  • Unique crab pincer with motor etc.
  • BBC micro:bit power & interface board
  • Powerful BinaryBots sensor board
  • Totem screwdriver
  • Doesn't come with a BBC micro:bit Sold separately
  • Reviews

    These robots are here to teach your kids how to code "Botley the Coding Robot is the brainchild of Learning Resources, whose aim is to deliver fun and experiential learning experiences for children".

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