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Bundle Ipevo Point 2 View Document USB Camera + Microscope Adapter

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The Point 2 View Microscope Adapter Set is a window into a whole new world for your entire science class.
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From Micro to Magnificent
The Point 2 View USB Document Camera brings fine details to life. Now, the Point 2 View Microscope Adapter Set takes your camera where it's never been before — the microscopic level. Perfect for science and biology classrooms, this 4-adapter set makes it easy to mount your Point 2 View camera directly to most any microscope's eyepiece. The result is stunning images pulled right from the microscope that can be projected for the entire class.
Four adapters are included with your purchase. Two "S-Type" adapters are designed for straight eyepieces, while two longer "L-Type" adapters are designed for angled eyepieces. Each type comes in a 28mm and 33mm diameter to fit the majority of microscopes. And because the adapters are made from a rugged yet flexible rubber, they can often be used for eyepieces slighter wider or smaller.
Harnessing your microscope's magnification, the Point 2 View will capture everything a viewer could see in the eyepiece with crystal clarity. Using a projector, you'll be able to project real-time images so the whole class can see and learn, instead of everyone taking turns at the microscope. The adapters will save time and are great for group sessions and presentations. You can also save snapshots of the images onto your hard drive.
Align the microscope.
To ensure a clear image, you will need to properly align and adjust the microscope in terms of focus knobs, correct lens, etc., until the image is clear and sharp to the eye.
Choose the appropriate adapter for your microsope.
Firmly affix the correct adapter to the eyepiece barrel, with the groove facing out. The S-Type adapters are for straight barrels, while the L-Type are for angled barrels. Match the diameter indicated on the adapter (either 28mm or 33mm) to the diameter of your eyepiece.
Attach the adapter onto eyepiece.
The adapters are flexible, and they can often be carefully affixed to eyepieces slightly smaller or wider than either 28mm or 33mm.
Install your Point 2 View Document Cam.
Next, install your Point 2 View camera into the adapter groove. Using the real-time image from the Presenter software on your computer screen, adjust the camera until you achieve a full, circular image. Switch camera to Single focus mode.
Switch the Point 2 View camera to Single focus mode (as opposed to Continuous).
Focus the camera for clear image.
Finally, focus the camera by either clicking on the Focus cross hairs in the Presenter software, or by clicking the Focus button on the camera body.


Point 2 View USB Document Camera
  • Megapixel USB web camera, with macro mode for excellent closeup imagesUnique, multi-jointed stand, handheld grip, and universal monitor clip for unlimited view optionsContinuous or single-click autofocus for clarity and sharpness every timeOne-touch snapshot mode; snapshots can be refined and organized with included softwarePlug-and-play for both PC and Mac; seamless integration with a wide variety of IM applications
    Microscope Adapter
  • Attach your Point 2 View camera to the microscope eyepiece to share with the whole class
  • Four flexible adapters in total to fit the majority of microscopes
  • Adapters for both straight eyepieces and angled (reflected) eyepieces
  • Fits both 28mm- and 33mm-diameter eyepieces
  • Technical Specifications

    Point 2 View USB Document Camera
  • 2-megapixel USB camera
  • True 2.0-megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Auto-focus with up to 2 " extreme close-up
  • Plug & play USB 2.0 Video Class (UVC) interface
  • Works with leading Instant Calling applications including Skype, iChat, Windows Live, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, Google Talk, etc.
  • Focus: AF (auto-focus) mode
  • LED Indicators: Green: Power on Red: Video capture on Dimensions/Weight
  • Size: 96x24x30mm(LxWxH)
  • Weight: 70g / 0.15lbs (without stand)
  • 405g / 0.89lbs (with stand)
  • Contents

  • Point 2 View USB Camera
  • CD with P2V software and user manual
  • Magnetic paper stop
  • Four flexible adapters in total to fit the majority of microscopes
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