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Bundle iZiggi-HD - Wireless Document Camera + Scan Kit

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Enjoy a great teaching and presenting experience with the new IPEVO iZiggi-HD along with IPEVO Scan Kit
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iZiggi-HD :
Model Number: 5-863-2-08-00
iZiggi-HD — the document camera designed for iPad — is the next evolution in affordable doc cam technology from IPEVO. Traditional doc cams often need to be connected to a computer via USB. But with the exciting rise of tablet computing in more and more classrooms, it's time to harness the full educational potential of iPad. iZiggi-HD connects wirelessly to iPad and skips the computer to stream live, high-resolution images of documents, textbooks, handwritten notes, pictures, devices and 3D objects for teaching and presenting. So whether you're in the classroom, in the office, or anywhere else, iZiggi-HD is the best way to share material with iPad.
Experience iPad and Your Doc Cam in a Whole New Way
The live image from iZiggi-HD can be quickly and easily displayed on iPad using your existing WiFi connection. With wireless freedom, the educational options become limitless. Feel free to walk amongst your students to achieve the interactive learning and close, one-on-one collaborations that wouldn't be possible when you're restricted to a wired computer connection.
Plus, you can also draw and annotate on the live image using iPad's touchscreen, transforming iPad into an interactive whiteboard when iPad is connected to a projection screen. All in the palm of your hand!
Capture and Present Anywhere, Including Your Students' Desks
With iZiggi-HD's wireless capability, your teaching horizons expand considerably. Instead of keeping the doc cam on the teacher's desk, you and your students can use it anywhere. Bring the camera to your students instead of the other way around for a one-on-one session or to capture their large or fragile work (as in art class). Or, bring the doc cam to a non-moveable object that would be impossible to capture otherwise. You can even take iZiggi-HD outside for a special field trip. None of these would be possible with a traditional, permanently-stationed doc cam. You never know where the next interaction could take place while iZiggi-HD sends a live image to your iPad. iZiggi-HD can also wirelessly connect to PC or Mac, giving you all these wireless benefits for computer use as well.
Connect iPad to Apple TV to Create a Portable Interactive Whiteboard
With the help of Apple TV Airplay, your image feed and IPEVO Whiteboard changes can be projected onto the big screen, turning iPad into a portable interactive whiteboard without a wired connection to get in your way.
Teachers aren't stuck at the front of the classroom, and are free to roam the classroom and engage with students. And on the other hand, students don't need to approach the board to interact with the lesson. They can simply draw and annotate on iPad without leaving their seat, and their work is reflected on the big screen for everyone to see. Interactions are fluid, immediate, and more impactful than ever.
A Perfect Tool for Seniors and the Visually Impaired
For the elderly or those with vision impairments, it's a pain to read newspapers, magazines, or even greeting cards and bills with small font. But with the wireless iZiggi-HD, you can place the document camera alongside the reading material and read the text through iPad. Enjoy the easy pinch-zoom and drag features on iPad to achieve a bigger, clearer view of small text. iZiggi-HD and iPad deliver better accessibility options, whether it's for visual impairments or simply to spare tired eyes.
Effortless, Intuitive Capture with a Multi-Jointed Swing-Arm and Swiveling Head
iZiggi-HD continues a signature IPEVO doc cam feature: simple, limitless capture options with a multi-jointed swing-arm. Thanks to three articulating joints, you can position the camera at most any height and angle — all by hand and without screws or knobs. Plus, iZiggi-HD's swiveling head means getting the proper orientation for readable text is just as simple to achieve. It's never difficult to obtain exactly the right image with iZiggi-HD. Exposure Toggle, Autofocus, Built-in Battery and Other Handy Features
iZiggi-HD is smart enough to capture high-quality images on its own, but sometimes you need to customize your capture. The camera body features an exposure toggle and an autofocus switch so you can tweak your real-time capture with a few button presses. Switch between Continuous focus — a "set it and forget it" mode where the camera keeps setting the best focus — and Single focus, which is best for static subjects, such as text on a sheet of paper. Another essential feature is iZiggi-HD's built-in battery, which will keep your wireless presentation powered.
Dual USB Ports — Access Files from a Connected USB Storage Device
iZiggi-HD features two USB ports — one for iZiggi-HD's camera (so it can connect wirelessly to your device), and another for any USB storage device. Take advantage of both ports to share access to files on your storage device with your iPad while you're simultaneously viewing the real-time image from the camera. A connected storage device is ideal for saving snapshots from the camera or even annotations you've created with IPEVO Whiteboard.
Keep Connected to the Internet With Your Existing WiFi Network
Because your iPad, PC or Mac connects to iZiggi-HD via WiFi, you are disconnected from the Internet when using iZiggi-HD. However, iZiggi-HD can connect to your WiFi network and thus link your device to the Internet. In just a couple of straightforward steps, you can keep your device connected to the Internet when it's linked to iZiggi-HD.
Scan Kit :
Model Number: 5-856-2-08-00
Ready for a faster, more efficient, and more versatile way to capture materials in the classroom or at home? The Scan Kit for USB Document Cameras is for you. It's an integrated scanning station for your IPEVO Document Camera, and you'll love how much easier it makes your image capture.
Designed for the Point 2 View, Ziggi, and Ziggi-HD USB Document Cameras, this integrated station allows you to mount documents, touchscreen devices, and more — in an upright position and at just the right angle. It's easier to position the camera, and you'll be able to swap out documents more quickly. Plus, you'll reduce or eliminate both glare and camera shadow.
Artwork, handwritten notes, test papers, math equations, textbooks, iPads, and even smaller objects like business cards and smartphones — the Scan Kit does it all. Share teaching materials in the classroom, digitize checks and receipts to eliminate the clutter, or project a Keynote presentation onto the big screen for your next business meeting.
The Scan Kit can be assembled and disassembled in just a couple of steps, and it folds down neatly and compactly for storage and transportation. A special magnetic paper stop allows you to position smaller objects at any height, and a bottom lip provides ample room for thicker items like books and tablet computers.
The Scan Kit also gives you a better way to use your document camera as a distance reader/digital magnifier. Mount a document with small text and zoom in to make the text nice and big on your computer screen. It's a great solution for the visually impaired or for any time you wish to reduce unnecessary eye strain and fatigue.
The Scan Kit for IPEVO USB Document Cameras is an inexpensive accessory which takes your doc cam experience even further. At home, in class, or at the office, scanning and image capture has never been easier.


iZiggi-HD :
  • Wirelessly stream live images of documents and much more to iPad — no computer required
  • Wireless freedom — engage students from anywhere in the room, or even outside
  • Turn iPad into an interactive whiteboard; annotate your material in real time with iPad and the IPEVO Whiteboard app
  • iZiggi-HD also works wirelessly with PC or Mac
  • Stream high-resolution video wirelessly on iPad, PC or Mac, up to 1600 x 1200 pixels
  • Enlarge small text; perfect for the elderly and the visually impaired
  • Multi-jointed stand and swiveling head for effortless, versatile capture
  • Exposure toggle, autofocus switch, built-in battery, and other smart features
  • Dual USB ports — stream live images while sharing access to files on a connected USB storage drive
  • You can also use iZiggi-HD as a wired doc cam for PC or Mac via standard USB
  • Included Presenter software for PC and Mac delivers even more: 6x digital zoom, snapshots, Full Screen mode, Evernote support and more
    Scan Kit :
  • Upright support for faster, more convenient capture
  • Mount documents, books, iPads, receipts, business cards, and more
  • Project teaching materials and swap them quickly and easily
  • Can also be used to aid in digital magnification and text enlargement
  • Eliminates unwanted glare and camera shadow
  • Technical Specifications

    iZiggi-HD :
  • True 5.0-megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Resolutions: Up to 1600 x 1200 wirelessly on iPad, PC or Mac and up to 2592 x 1944 directly connected to PC or Mac
  • Full autofocus lens
  • Up to 2.2" (5.5cm) macro focus
  • Up to 30 fps live video capture (at 640 x 480)
  • USB 2.0 Video Class (UVC) interface
  • iPad, Mac & Windows PC compatible
  • Max shooting area: 12.4" x 9.1" (315 x 230mm)
  • LxWxH (when folded): 9.3" x 2.2" x 2.5" (237 x 55 x 63mm)
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs (566g)
  • USB extension cable length: 3.9ft (120cm)
  • Standard Compliance: 802.11 b/g/n (Up to 300Mbps)
  • Ports: USB 2.0 x2, RJ-45 x1
  • Inputs: DC 5V 2A
    Scan Kit :
  • L x W x H: 11.3" x 8.7" x 10.1" (287 x 220 x 257mm)
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs (1230g)
  • Contents

  • iZiggi-HD wireless document camera
  • Anti-glare shield
  • User Manual
  • Power adapter
  • 1.8m Micro-USB charging cable
  • 1.2m USB extension cable
  • Scan Kit stand
  • Scan Kit scanning board
  • Magnetic paper stop
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