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Bundle Bee-Bot and 3D Community Construction Kit, Community Mat and Command cards

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Bee-Bot along with different mats and cards is an engaging classroom robot for early-age kids to learn STEM with a variety of cross-curricular activates
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Bee-Bot® is an engaging classroom robot for early-age kids to learn STEM with a variety of cross-curricular activates. It’s a Bee-shaped robot, yellow in color with controls to move forward/backward and turn left/right. It teaches kids ages 3+ about controls, directions, algorithms, sequencing, estimation and basic programming too!

It’s a perfect first robot for kids to get familiar with the rudiments of robotics & robot components itself. Kids are driven by their inquisitive nature, helping them to learn more and nurture their abilities.

The robot is designed & intended to be used in preschools & elementary schools. It accompanies kids as their knowledge of mathematics, geography, spelling and vocabulary progress. It helps nursery pupils develop their spatial awareness by imagining the best route for their Bee-Bot. 

Now we have a new Bee-Bot® version, that besides the features of the older model it has:

•    Increased interaction – Bee-bots can talk to other Bee-bots!
•    New Cross-curricular resources
•    200 steps program memory! 
•    With Audio Recording & Playback
•    Simple & Bright Buttons
•    Sound & Flash notifications upon sequencing instructions.
•    Compact & Durable

 Note: From March 21st, 2019 the old version is discontinued and we will be shipping the new interactive version.

Command Cards

Each Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot command card pictures one of the 'bot control keys on one side and an image of a Bee-Bot with the same key highlighted on the other. Children can use the cards to record their command sequence as they push Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot's buttons. Command cards provide a visual record of the planned program that students can follow as it is executed. Cards may also be used to create games and challenge young learners.

Each set of Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot Command Cards comes with 88 brightly-colored, laminated cards that stand up to long term use.

Build a community for Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to explore! The 3D Community Kit provides everything you need to construct a community on the table or floor. Building the community promotes construction skills while sending Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot on a community exploration develops coding skills. Pairing Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot with the 3D Community is an exciting hands-on way to enhance community studies. 


3D Community Kit

The 3D Community Kit contains everything you need to construct a 3D community in the classroom. It contains 15 boxes that may be assembled into "buildings" along with pre-printed stickers to apply to create 12 different community institutions. Images are taken from the Community Mat and include a school, library, police station, toy store, and pizza parlor. Students may use the three blank boxes to create buildings of their own, drawing on them or pasting photos or images, allowing them to customize the 3D community as they learn.

The 3D Community may be used in conjunction with Terrapin's Community Mat or as a standalone project.

Using Bee-Bot with the 3D Community Buildings is more challenging to navigate and gets students down on the level even more for seeing from the 'bots perspective. Helps develop hand-eye coordination, coding, and navigation skills.

The 3D Community Construction Kit adds a new dimension to the Community Mat and community studies. Bring the community on the mat to life by constructing 3D buildings with the same images. 


Community Mat

The community mat puts Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot in a community setting with room to room from place to place along the street. Moving Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot along the busy street provides lessons in the community and helps develop students geography skills.

The community mat is made of washable vinyl and measures approximately 54" by 40" (120 cm by 90 cm)


Early Years Activity BookAge 5-7 Activity BookAge 7-11 Activity Book


  • Clear and bright buttons
  • Makes sounds and flashes eyes to confirm instructions when sequencing
  • Memory of up to 40 steps and pause commands
  • Robust design
  • No confusing degree turns to program
  • Open-ended learning device
  • Small and compact

  • Why Bee-Bots in Classroom?

    • Introduces kids to sequencing, estimations & control
    • Helps in understanding the directional language
    • To think and plan for sequence repetitions
    • Understand algorithms
    • Plan, Wireframe, Write & Debug programs
    • Learning from Failures, of what, where & why it went wrong
    • Encourages motor development skills

    Instant Audio & Visual Feedback

    In modern era of instant gratification, it’s important for kids to have a real-time audio & visual feedback through robots. Bee-bot makes it possible with child-friendly, durable and attractive design as well.


    Increased Freedom & Creativity

    Kids can program the robot to take 15cm steps and then turn left or take a 90 degree turn; it’s all up to kids to program it as they wish. Such freedom help kids to explore their creativity explore their untapped potential, increase in cognitive abilities and focus.


    Blends in Kids Curriculum

    Bee-bots can be easily blended in to current curriculum & can be used for an imaginative role-play too. Within a limited space, kids get to explore a new fun world where every kid gets together and work together to have more fun and achieve desired goals.


    Supported Surfaces - Floor & Desk 

    The robot works on all the surfaces, be it floor or even desks. So that kids can either group together to play with it on a desk or use floor for a bigger play area and more fun!


    Rechargeable Robot

    It’s a rechargeable robot, so you don’t have to spend multiple times for buying costly 3AA batteries. With a one-time investment on batteries, kids can enjoy their time with robots daily! Recharging Bee-bots is pretty straight forward and takes minimal time.


    Technical Charging Details

    For the first charge or when the battery has been discharged for a long time, it may take up to 12 hours to fully charge the robot batteries. On a fully-charged battery, the robot can give approx 8 hours of normal usage & 2 hours of continuous use. It’s designed as an educational floor robot providing maximum learning benefits to small kids & a fun learning environment.



    With a 1-year warranty, you don't have to worry about getting it damaged. It's durable enough to last for years, but we have got you covered just in case if the product fails to deliver up to standards.


    Sturdy construction and colorful design entice children to put Bee-Bot through its paces. Directional keys are used to enter up to 40 commands which send Bee-Bot forward, back, left, and right. Pressing the green GO button starts Bee-Bot on its way. Bee-Bot blinks and beeps at the conclusion of each command to allow children to follow Bee-Bot through the program they have entered and then confirms its completion with lights and sound. Children want to use Bee-Bot over and over and are inspired to enter ever more creative and complex command sequences.

    Technical Specifications

  • Bee-Bot Dimensions: 15.2 x 15 x 8.2 cm
  • Bee-Bot Rechargeable Robot with USB cable (supplied)
  • Bee-Bot Item Weight: 318 g
  • Suitable for kids ages 3+
  • Contents

  • Rechargeable Bee-Bot Educational Robot
  • USB Cable
  • Each set of command cards contains:
  • 16 FORWARD cards
  • 16 BACK cards
  • 16 LEFT cards
  • 16 RIGHT cards
  • 8 PAUSE cards
  • 8 GO cards
  • 8 CLEAR cards
  • Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot Community Mat
  • 3D Community Construction Kit contains 15 boxes that may be assembled into "buildings" along with pre-printed stickers to apply to create 12 different community institutions.
  • Reviews

    "My students needed very little direct instruction on how to use the Bee-Bot. What I really like about this Bee-Bot is that the robot remembers the program that the students have already entered so that they can add on to their program and they didn't have to their program over each time. It will remember up to 40 steps!" Read more Emily MacGillivary, 1st grade teacher, Ontario, Canada

    "Bee-Bot is a visually attractive, audible easily handle able programmable floor robot which can be used to support the development of skills in a wide range of areas. It allows learners to give a range of instructions from simple to more complex. Pupils with SEN could use it to develop one, two and three stage sequences using a variety of activity mats. It can be used for the development of fine motor skills by using the directional buttons. It can support imaginative play through the use of commercial or school designed covers. It allows learners to demonstrate skills in ways that a traditional approach would not support. A positive ICT resource for Early Years." Sue Woodgate, Head of SSSEN - Buxton Area Education Office

    I really like the Bee-Bot programmable toy ... It combines the ease of use of [another product] with an attractive look ... The fact that it beeped after every command was liked and ... its small size meant that it was more practical to use..." Susan Garrett - Wakefield Education Advisory Service

    Bee bots are extremely child-friendly Robots "The Bee-Bot has become a staple ingredient of the early years ICT curriculum in the last few years. Everyone praises the device for being extremely child-friendly and accessible - a perfect programmable toy that is great for teaching basic control skills.

    JUST LET ME PLAY: CARMELINA DI GRIGOLI, OCT "The Bee-bot is a programmable robot that helps early learners explore the first stages of programming."

    CODING WITH BEE-BOT - FRENCH SEQUENCE CARDS "Thanks to Canadian Classroom, I finally get to test out Bee-Bot in my classroom, just in time for Hour of Code."

    BEE-BOT ROBOT - A TEACHING TOOL "Perfect tool for introducing programming to my primary French students."

    A Bee-Bot Review " Bee-Bot was awesome. The kids loved him. They were really amazed that they had the ability to “touch” a robot and could even tell him what to do.

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    Rechargeable Bee-Bot Guide in ENG


    Bee Bot Awards



    Q-1 What is the distance of one unit of Bee-Bot?
    One unit is equal to 6 inches, 15 centimeters, of 1 length of the Bee-Bot.

    Q-2 How many commands can Bee Bot hold?
    The Bee-Bot can hold up to 40 commands at one time.

    Q-3 How do I clear the Bee-Bots memory?
    Select the X key to clear what ever commands have been entered into the Bee-Bot.

    Q-4 How do I turn the sound off?

    The switch to turn the sound on and off is located on the bottom side of the Bee-Bot. 

    Q-5 How Do I Charge the Bee-Bot?

    Note: The robots need to be charged before first use.

    Make sure the Bee-Bot is turned off. The Bee-Bot will not charge if the power and sound are on. The power switch and the sound switch are located underneath the robot. Turn both off when charging or when storing the robot.

    The Bee-Bot can be charged using a USB cable connected to USB charging plug or connected to a USB port on a laptop or desktop.
    1) Insert the USB cable into the charging socket located on the underside of the 'bot.
    2) Connect the other end to a spare USB port on a desktop, laptop or a USB charging plug.
    3) If you have the Docking Station or Six-Bot USB charger, then place the Bee-Bots into the docking station and connect the power cable.
    4) One eye will light up GREEN to show that the battery is charging.
    6) The GREEN light turns OFF when it is fully charged.

    Q-6 My Bee-Bot won't charge

    1.Make sure the Bee-Bot is turned off before charging. The Bee-Bot will not charge if the power switch and sound switch are on. The power and sound switch are located underneath the robot. Turn both off when charging or when storing.

    2. Try disconnecting and then carefully re-connecting the battery. Often this can correct a usage interruption. If that does now work try switching batteries with a Bee-Bot that doesn't have a charging issue.

    To disconnect and re-connect or switch a battery do the following Open the battery compartment by unscrewing the screw (which has a special design to conform to European regulations–you just need to find a tool that works, perhaps an allen wrench or the blunt tip of a pair of scissors). The screw is triangular and is on the square panel on the bottom of the Bot. Disconnect the battery and then reconnect it. If that does not work try switching the battery with one from a Bee-Bot is charging. This will determine if the problem is with the battery or the Bee-Bot.

    Troubleshooting Tests:

    These simple and quick troubleshooting tests as listed above when done by the customer (or their eager and helpful students) usually solve Bee-Bot movement and battery issues.

    Q-7 Care and Feeding of your Bee-Bot

    1) It is best to use the Bee-Bot on the floor. Using them on a table is not recommended as they may run off the edge and fall off which can possibly damage the bot. For example, a soldered wire could break or come loose.

    2) Do not push the Bee-Bot once the go button has been selected. Pushing the Bee-Bot while it is executing a program can strip the gears, or jam the wheels. The robots are an amazingly effective tool which develops and strengthens the students' logical thinking abilities by their learning how to make the robot move on its own. They are not designed to be used as a race car or a toy.

    3)Please review the How Do I charge the Bee-Bot section on this page.

    Q- 8 What is the best way to maximize the Battery Life?
    Battery life depends on how the batteries are handled. Their life can be reduced by both over-charging and under-charging. Bee-Bot batteries are lithium ion batteries and in general should be treated similar to cell phone batteries. You should put a full charge on a battery and then use the device until the battery has run out and then charge it again. That will give you the longest life (just like your cell phone). The batteries should not just be left charging for days, for example.The robots should not be left on the charger between sessions. NOTE: Charge the robot prior to the very first time using it. The robots should not be left on the charger between sessions.

    Q-9 Does My Bee-Bot Have a Warranty?
    Yes it does. Merconnet (aka Bee-Bot.us), is the official distributor of Bee-Bots and not the manufacturer.

    The manufacturer warranties Bee-Bots to be free of manufacturing defects for up to a year from purchase. Manufacturing defects do not include user errors or damages, which can occur if the robots and their batteries are not properly cared for. Manufacturing defects typically show up almost immediately, not after a long period of use.

    Q-10 How can I order a new battery for my Bee-Bot?

    Replacement batteries are available only for Bee-Bots sold by Merconnet. Before purchasing a replacement battery, make sure to test the battery by the directions above, under “My Bee-Bot won't charge”.

    Q-11 Were is the power switch for the Bee-Bot?

    The power switch is located on the bottom side of the Bee-Bot. 

    Q-12 What is the battery located?

    The battery is located on the bottom of the Bee-Bot.