Today in our Merconnet article we want to talk about screen-free coding robots for your kids. Coding is not about a screen. Coding is simply giving a set of specific directions to someone or something to produce the desired result.

Coding is about computational thinking. Having the ability to identify and solve problems. Origami is a coding technique and is made of paper.

If you are looking for an excellent screen-free coding robot, read the article to the end and study which of these robots may be the best option for you and your little kid.

In Merconnet we believe that Coding…

-Helps kids develop solving skills such as perseverance, trial, and error understanding of cause and effect

-Allows analytical thinking and reasoning skills and math and literacy skills

-Challenges children to think creatively and to pursue innovative solutions

Screen-free coding robots available on Merconnet store

These robots are ideal for learning to code at home

Explore advanced control techniques and use the screen to program on the device. Routes can be drawn using our simple pen mechanism and a felt tip pen. Accepts programming arrows or write more complex commands. Using the onboard screen and buttons, program Pro-Bot to include various inputs as triggers such as the sound and light sensor.

Cue is an incredibly clever robot with a witty attitude. The more you explore, the more you’ll discover what cue can do! Cue is an incredibly clever robot with a witty attitude that’s full of interactive surprises! Choose from 4 unique avatars to customize cue with a personality that’s right for you. The more you explore, the more you’ll discover what cue can do.

Bee-Bot is an exciting robot designed specifically for use by young children ages 3+. This colorful, easy-to-operate, and friendly little robot is a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, estimation, problem-solving, and just having fun!

Cubetto is the Montessori-approved coding toy for children aged 3+, powered by a tangible programming language made of colorful blocks. Children guide Cubetto through a series of maps and stories and learn the basics of computer programming and STEM skills without the use of a screen.

KUBO is a simple, intuitive solution that makes it easy for teachers to introduce computer science and coding to students as young as four. Buy KUBO bundles for a full coding solution.