There are many benefits to be gained when kids learn coding skills. On an everyday level, learning to code can help kids develop important life skills.

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  • Creativity: Coding involves a lot of creativity and experimentation, coming up with ideas for creating and doing things from scratch OR reverse engineering things to figure out how things work. 
  • Planning/Strategizing: Being creative is only part of the creative process; you also have to be able to plan things out and come up with a strategy for making things happen.
  • Logic: Coding, as much as it is an art, involves a lot of math. Kids have to be able to understand abstract concepts and apply them logically to real-world situations. 
  • Problem-Solving: As you can imagine. Coding isn’t something you do without coming across unexpected situations. This provides kids with ample opportunity to problem solve when things go awry.
  • Perseverance: On a related note, this helps them to learn to keep pushing forward despite setbacks. It teaches them that even though things may not work out right the first (or 10th) time, if we keep trying, we’ll get there in the end. 
  • Confidence: As you can imagine, finally getting a code to do what it’s supposed to can help give kids a boost of confidence. There’s a definite feeling of pride associated with accomplishing a goal- especially one that you enjoy. Coding can also give kids a sense of power when they realize all of the amazing (and helpful) things they can do with coding. 

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  • Career Prep: Last, but definitely not least, when you teach your kids to code, you are teaching them a skill that they can use to not only pursue a lucrative career, but to create additional sources of income if they opt to secure a job in a different field. They can even use these skills as a teen to find gig through freelance sites like Fiverr or Upwork.
  • In short, when kids learn to code, they not only have fun, but learn skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

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