Today on Merconnet article we are going to talk about programmable robots for homeschoolers.

There are loads of programmable robots for children and beginners. They may be a little overwhelming for those parents trying to choose the right option for their kids.

We will focus on robots where there's no building or minimal building involved. Building robots is awesome, but sometimes you want the focus to be on the coding and working with the robot.

The best programmable robots for Homeschoolers

-      Sphero SPRK+

lt is designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, and invention through connected play and coding, SPRK+ is far more than just a robot. Powered by the Lightning Lab app, you can easily learn programming, complete hands-on activities, and share your creations with the community. 

Sphero SPRK+ is designed for education and can be used at home. It has a transparent shell so you can see the electronics inside. Sphero SPRK+ is available on Merconnet. Click here for more information.

-      Ozobot Evo Titanium Black

Evo doesn’t require a smart device to empower creativity and coding. You can always go screen-free and code Evo with markers and stickers. Ozobot it's an award-winning coding robot for the next generation of creators. 

Evo is a pocket-sized coding robot with infinite possibilities. If you don't have a lot of space at home, Ozobot may be the ideal programmable robot for you. Available on Merconnet. Click here for more information.

- Wonder Workshop Dash Robot
Dash is a capable robot that can sense its environment and can be programmed wirelessly using a touch device. It is designed to be fun at your home and in a child's playroom. 

The combination of sensors, the child-friendly programming tools on touch devices, and the design of the robot makes it fun and easy for kids to do several activities with a robot that would have seemed impossible until now. Available on Merconnet. Check the robot, click here.

Tips for having robots at home

 Not all robots come with good reusable storage for their accessories. Good plastic storage boxes with room to store robots plus their accessories and worksheets are really helpful. 
 Think about charging or batteries ahead of time. Have a routine for keeping robots that you use regularly charged or having spare batteries to hand for those that take batteries. It's a pain if kids are all fired up but your robot won't go!