Keep in mind that the younger your child is, the better it will start in this world. Here are 3 important techniques for writing clean code, that you definitely should know. 

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Keep it Simple

The first and the most basic tip is to keep it as simple and readable as possible. The more simply you can solve a problem, the less error prone your code will be, and it’s easier for others to read and understand. Your code is not an artist’s canvas on which to explore your creative side (though writing clean code is absolutely an art). Understanding how to keep it as simple as possible is paramount to good clean code. There are many games that your kid can

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Explore & Learn

Be your own teacher and try to explore as much as you can. There is a lot of help available in the form of good online courses and experienced coders who share their insights. All you need to do is keep writing more code, keep learning about new techniques and make sure what you learn in your exploration is represented in your work. Remember, there is no shortcut – the more you code, the better you get. Always look for reasons to explore and learn new things. Never be content with your current knowledge.

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Test, Test, Test

Running into bugs in your code is absolutely frustrating, but it obviously will happen. To reduce these situations, test your code often. It takes time to run tests which is why some coders don’t do it, but I guarantee it will save work in the long run. 
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Being a good developer is both an art and a science. You must, must, must practice writing code and learn new languages all the time. Humans generally learn best by doing, and from what we can tell of the animal world at large, play is a huge part of learning. Play will result in failure, but play also allows us a fun opportunity to try again and again until we get it right. Play with code like it’s a toy, enjoy what you do, and it will translate into making you a better coder.

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