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AC Adapter for SnapCircuits. RB-Ibo-49

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Works with all versions of Snap Circuits. More details
AC Adapter for SnapCircuits. RB-Ibo-49
AC Adapter for SnapCircuits. RB-Ibo-49
Product Code : RB-Ibo-49
Tired of buying batteries for your Snap Circuits? With the Elenco AC Adapter for SnapCircuits you won't ever have to buy batteries again. Works with all versions of Snap Circuits.
AC-SNAP is an AC power supply that replaces the batteries used in Elenco’s Snap Circuits. It can be used in place of one or two B1 battery holders (3V each), or one B3 battery holder (4.5V). It can also be used in place of one B5 battery holder (9V battery, 5V output) using additional components. The AC-SNAP should NOT be used with Snap RoverTM products.
Note: Works only with 120V
  • AC adapter for Elenco Snap Circuits
  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • Includes power adapter and Snap Circuit plug-in part
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    Input: 120VAC, 60Hz
    Output: 9VDC at 400/500mA
    1. Use only with 120VAC, 60Hz electrical outlet.
    2. Use ONLY with Elenco’s Snap Circuits products.
    3. Remove any battery holders from base grid before using AC-SNAP (AC-SNAP should never be used with batteries or other power supplies).
    4. Always assemble Snap Circuits® projects with the 9VDC plug disconnected from the B6 power supply.
    5. Use B6 power supply only with Elenco AC adapters.
    6. This AC power supply should be periodically checked for any external damage. Particular attention should be given to the condition of the cables, the adapter housing, and any visible metal. Should any fault be found the adapter should not be used until professionally repaired or a replacement obtained.
    7. For indoor use only.
    8. For Snap Circuits projects that use the motor, NEVER touch the motor or fan when it is spinning
  • AC Adapter for SnapCircuits
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